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Mira windows will be cracked by explosives in Operation Deep Freeze

Mira's device will go through a huge nerf.

In the second season of Year 6, Ubisoft introduced a change that affected Mira and Maestro's devices. From Operation North Star and onwards, their gadget's glass could be cracked with a melee hit.

Two years and a half later, Ubisoft is releasing a second nerf to the Spanish operator. Starting with Operation Deep Freeze, attackers will be able to use explosives to crack Mira's Black Window mirror.

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Operation Deep Freeze to severely nerf Mira

Operation Deep Freeze will include multiple new features that will shake the players' experience in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, with Mira's change being one of the main talking points.

In the upcoming season of Rainbow Six Siege, the Spanish' importance in the game could be reduced severely as explosives will be able to crack Mira's Black Mirrors. This means that operators like Zofia, Ash, or characters with fragmentation grenades, will be able to crack the device from a safe distance.

While Bandit can help Mira to be protected from throwable hard-breaching gadgets like Hibana or Ace's devices, electricity has nothing to do with explosives.

Although we expect her pick rate to fall a bit, we still think she's too important for some strategies. Moreover, defenders can use this new feature to their advantage, as they will be able to combine it with Jäger or Wamai and force the attackers to waste a lot of their utility to crack a Mira Black Mirror.

Is Mira a good operator in Rainbow Six Siege?

Mira is one of the best operators in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Her device, the Black Mirror, is a one-sided mirror that can be used to have a huge advantage in gun fights.

Mira is a one-speed, three-health operator, which makes her an anchor. She has two Black Mirrors, which she can deploy on both non-reinforced and reinforced walls.

The Spanish operator also has access to a C4, which comes in handy. When attackers face a Black Mirror, especially while planting, they never know who's going to be behind. Defenders can use that to their advantage, as they can throw any kind of explosive or gadget to deny a possible planting attempt.

For more information about the Spanish operator, check out our Mira operator guide!

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