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Ubisoft removes fragmentation grenades' "cooking" feature in Operation Deep Freeze

Fragmentation grenades will be nerfed in Operation Deep Freeze.

Without a doubt, fragmentation grenades are the best attacking gadget in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Their killing power is insanely strong, especially in vertical plays. A well-timed fragmentation grenade to the right spot was always a kill from a place where defenders couldn't do anything against it.

Moreover, fragmentation grenades are perfect when it comes to destroying bulletproof devices like Bulletproof Cameras, Evil Eyes, or Deployable Shields.

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Fragmentation grenades are so important nowadays that they automatically increase the pick rate of any operator, regardless of the quality of its unique gadget or loadout.

To take full control over this situation, Ubisoft has decided to heavily nerf fragmentation grenades heading to Operation Deep Freeze as players won't be able to "cook" them anymore.

Fragmentation Grenades Nerf Explained

Starting from Operation Deep Freeze, players won't be able to "cook" fragmentation grenades. This change will transform fragmentation grenades, as they will go from a killing device to a gadget that forces defenders to move from their cover.

With this tweak, Ubisoft wants to:

  • Force players to interact, as one throws the grenade while the other gets the kill when the defender runs away from the explosive gadget.
  • Reduce the importance of fragmentation grenades in the game, which heavily impacted the picking rate of its owners.

At the same time, the removal of the "cooking" feature will stop the attackers from getting vertical kills after timing the grenade from the floor below. Some drone work and a yellow ping were what an attacker needed to get an easy kill with the explosive gadget.

How are fragmentation grenades changing?

Operators with fragmentation grenades will be able to hold them as long as they want, just like a stunning grenade. If you look at it from a realistic point of view, we know it doesn't make much sense... but that's how it's going to work from now on.

While fragmentation grenades' initial fuse time has been reduced from five to four seconds, these will take two seconds to explode after bouncing on a surface.

Are fragmentation grenades dead in Rainbow Six Siege?

Although fragmentation grenades won't be killed with this change, players will have to learn to be not so dependent.

The removal of the "cooking" feature shouldn't have an impact on the fragmentation grenade destroying power, which means the gadget still works to be used to remove bulletproof devices.

Unfortunately, its killing days are over. While fragmentation grenades will still be deadly, two seconds is enough for any defender to run away from the explosion. However, the attacker will be able to kill the enemy when leaving its cover in the process.

What operators are getting fragmentation grenades?

In Operation Deep Freeze, Rainbow Six Siege is giving fragmentation grenades to IQ, Lion, Sens, Osa, and Blackbeard. At the same time, Sledge, Nokk, Glaz, Gridlock, and Finka will keep theirs.

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