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Rainbow Six Siege operator guide: Vigil

Vigil is one of the most famous roamers in Rainbow Six Siege.

Vigil is a Korean operator introduced in the Operation White Noise expansion. His gadget is the ERC-7, which makes him invisible to drones and EE-ONE-D scans for a brief period of time. It is indeed an ability that can't be compared to any other in the game. 

Due to his loadout and him being a three-speed, one-health operator, he is a really good option to roam. However, as his gadget only relates to him and doesn't bring anything to the setup of the team, he is rarely picked in professional matches. But when it comes to ranked games, it's another story.

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Vigil's biography

There is almost no information regarding Vigil's childhood. According to Ubisoft's biography, his birth parents remain unknown. At an early age, he lost his father and his brother in an attempt to escape to the Republic of Korea (South Korea) from North Korea. He was then adopted, and despite not being the best at school, "his later grades show great improvement and focus".

Vigil was attracted to electronics and electrical engineering. According to Ubisoft's biography, "wanting to use his talents and demonstrate pride for his country, he chose to join the ROK Navy".

He also joined the ROKN UDT/SEALs and, later on, was "handpicked" by the 707th Special Mission Battalion for "unconventional warfare missions". He served alongside Grace "Dokkaebi" Nam until they were both recruited into Team Rainbow. 

Vigil's loadout

Primary: K1A. Submachine Gun / BOSG. 12.2. Shotgun

Secondary: C75 Auto Machine Pistol / SMG-12 Machine Pistol

Gadget: Bulletproof Camera / 2 x Impact Grenade

As we previously mentioned, Vigil's loadout is a strong one for gunfights. People usually go for the K1A. as primary, the SMG-12 as secondary, and the impact grenades as gadgets. Nevertheless, the C75 isn't a bad option either, especially considering the SMG-12's recoil. 

Although the intel caught by a bulletproof camera is always welcomed, his impact grenades are key. He will possibly need them to escape, or even help his teammates at making rotations. 

Vigil's role in Rainbow Six Siege

Vigil is a roamer, and nothing else. He is brought to waste the attackers' time. It is his job to run around the map and be the attackers' worst nightmare. Every second counts. 

His loadout is insane for this task. He can handle any gunfight with his K1A and, if he runs out of bullets, he will always be able to defend himself with a machine pistol. Getting rid of a Vigil in a medium or short-distance gunfight is difficult.

How to use Vigil's gadget in Rainbow Six Siege

Vigil's ERC-7 is the perfect tool for a roamer. He can turn himself invisible to drones, although they will know Vigil is around the area due to the interferences the drone users will see on the screen. 

That's exactly the only downside of the gadget. Although he turns himself completely invisible, the drones' interferences are often enough reason to not rely on the gadget. In fact, the interferences will increase when getting closer to Vigil. 

Play smart. Play with the impact grenades. Play with the ERC-7, try to confuse the attackers, be one step ahead of them. And remember, a good roamer is not always the one that grabs a bunch of kills -- though that surely helps -- but a good roamer is one that wastes the attackers' time. 

Best counters to Vigil

Twitch is the only direct counter to Vigil, as her drones' tasers will make the ERC-7 go obsolete for some time. Other than that, there are no direct counters to his gadget. 

As a roamer, Vigil's worst nightmare is Jackal, as he can track him if he gets to scan the defender's footsteps. However, Vigil's ERC-7 is a great tool against Lion: once activated, he can walk and even run even when Lion triggers his EE-ONE-D.

Best Vigil skins in Rainbow Six Siege

Vigil has some really good skins in the game, mainly due to his popularity in Siege. These are some of the best skins for Vigil in Rainbow Six Siege!

Vigil's elite skin is really cool. Urban clothing, black and brown shades. We still don't know how Vigil's face looks in-game though. With some nice weapon skins and even a better victory celebration, this is one of the best elite bundles you can purchase.

If esports is your thing, then you can go even bigger with G2 Esports' bundle. Vigil is equipped with a mask that looks just like G2's samurai helmet. It is a great way to represent one of the best if not the best organization in the game.

Beastcoast 2023

Beascoast 2023 R6 Share skin was for Vigil's K1A, one of the best weapons on defense. The bundle also includes an operator card background. If you ever wanted to represent Beastcoast in Rainbow Six Siege, this may be your best shot!


With the release of Operation Heavy Mettle, Rainbow Six Siege introduced a new animated cosmetic to the game. This time, Vigil was the chosen operator. You can obtain this cosmetic by purchasing the Premium Battle Pass for Operation Heavy Mettle.

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