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Rainbow Six Siege operator guide: Fenrir

Fenrir is one of the most annoying defenders out there.

Fenrir is a two-speed, two-health operator who was released to the game with Operation Dread Factor. His device is a trap that is triggered when an attacker gets close. He can activate and deactivate the gadgets from any part of the map, which makes him a good operator to have alongside intel-gathering operators.

Following the launch of Operation New Blood, Ubisoft nerfed Fenrir by removing one of his mines, making them semi-bulletproof, and changing his Barbed Wire sets for Observation Blockers.

Here's everything you need to know about Fenrir!

Fenrir's loadout

Primary: MP7 Submachine Gun / SASG-12 Shotgun

Secondary: Bailiff 410 Shotgun / 5.7 USG Handgun

Gadget: x1 Bulletproof Camera / x3 Observation Blocker

Fenrir's primary weapons include Bandit and Zero's MP7, and Kapkan, Tachanka, and Azami's SASG-12. We expect people to choose the MP7, although it's still unknown if he will be able to equip a 1.5x scope.

Meanwhile, Fenrir is often seen with the Bailiff 410 as his secondary gun, which is ideal for opening new angles of sight and rotations. However, he also has got access to the 5.7 USG.

Finally, Fenrir has access to a Bulletproof Camera or three Observation Blockers to complete his loadout.

Fenrir's gadget in Rainbow Six Siege

Fenrir's gadget is called F-NATT Dread Mine.

The F-NATT Dread Mine releases a Fear Effect gas that temporarily limits a person's field of view. The attacker surrounded by its effect can only see what happens inside the smoke, but can't see anything outside of it.

Fenrir has four F-NATT Dread Mines since the start of the round. Although he can deploy them all, he can only activate two. He can deactivate them as well.

Once activated, the F-NATT Dread Mine will open and its effect will be triggered when an attacker gets close enough.

Melusi is a great operator to combine with Fenrir's gadget, as both devices are designed to slow down the attackers. Thorn's traps, which are also triggered by movement, are a great gadget to combine with the F-NATT Dread Mine too. Moreover, information operators like Valkyrie or Pulse are great for telling Fenrir when to activate a mine.

All Fenrir's mines are bulletproof until they are activated. When they are triggered, the mine opens and automatically loses its bulletproof status, just like Melusi's gadget. Following the launch of Operation New Blood, closing an opened mine won't turn it bulletproof again.

Explosives like grenades or Ash's projectiles will always destroy Fenrir's mines.

Fenrir's role in Rainbow Six Siege

Keeping in mind Fenrir's gadget, we expect players to get the best out of him when playing it as an anchor. However, he could also be used as a flex, due to his aggressive loadout.

Fenrir's gadget requires him to pay a lot of attention to his gadgets, as he must activate and deactivate them depending on where the attackers push from.

Nevertheless, players can always place the mines to activate three of them at the beginning of the round.

Is Siege's new operator Fenrir good?

Right now, Fenrir is one of the best defenders in the game. His versatility is a unique factor in Rainbow Six Siege.

Fenrir can activate and deactivate his mines and can't be compared to other mine operators like Ela and Lesion.

His ability is exceptionally good in small spaces and pushes attackers to waste explosives, including grenades or projectiles. 

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