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Rainbow Six Siege Thorn operator guide

Here's everything you need to know about Rainbow Six Siege's Thorn.

Thorn is a Rainbow Six Siege defender who first arrived in the game with the launch of Operation High Calibre.

Thorn's traps are called Razorbloom Shells and they can kill an attacker if they dally in the trap zone for too long.

Keep on reading our Rainbow Six Siege Thorn guide to learn more about her and how to use her ability.

What is Thorn's biography?

Thorn's name is Brianna Skehan and she is from County Kildare, Ireland. 

Brianna grew up on a farm in Ireland. For several generations, Brianna's family was involved in horse racing and military trading. During her childhood, she used to "raise thoroughbreds for the tracks as well as for the mounted division of Ireland’s national police force," according to her Ubisoft biography.

For the Hawthorn family, it's a tradition to switch the farm life for the military. However, Brianna decided to join the Garda Siochana due to her love for horses.

Four years later, Brianna joined the Emergency Responses Unit. According to her Ubisoft biography, "Thorn not only finished top of her class but would routinely assist other applicants through the training gauntlet."

When Caveira became aware of Thorn's success, she asked her to join Team Rainbow.

What is the best Thorn loadout?

Primary: UZK50GI Submachine Gun / M870 Shotgun

Secondary: 1911 Tacops Handgun / C75 Auto Machine Pistol

Gadgets: x1 Deployable Shield / x2 Barbed Wire

Thorn's loadout is very aggressive. Her UZK50GI is ideal for her roaming functions. However, from time to time, players equip her with the M870 Shotgun to upset the attackers. Sometimes the shotgun is the best choice, especially when you're exposed to attackers in close-quarters gunfights. Meanwhile, her secondary is the C75, a weapon that her teammate Vigil can also use.

Despite her guns making her a very aggressive operator, her gadgets are just the opposite. The Deployable Shield is perfect for players who want to stay on the Bombsite, while the Barbed Wire is always a pain in the neck for any attackers. 

Recently, Ubisoft tried to buff Thorn by giving her a 1.5x scope. However, the pick rate skyrocketed so much that Ubisoft was forced to remove the scope from her loadout a few weeks later.

What is Thorn's playstyle?

Thorn is a roamer and a trap operator. Her primary weapon, the UZK50GI, is a very strong gun in the current meta. Its recoil is manageable and it delivers a great amount of damage (44 HP). Its only negative aspect is its fire rate, which is a bit low. With the UZK50GI and the C75, Thorn has one of the most aggressive loadouts in the game. If she had Impact Grenades, Thorn could be one of the best trap operators of the bunch.

Thorn beginner's guide

Thorn's gadget, the Razorbloom Shells, isn't complicated to use. You just have to place it, which takes less than one second to deploy. However, the gadget needs five seconds to become operative.

Thorn's traps can be placed on default plant spots, which will force attackers to trigger the Razorblooms first. They can also be placed in corridors or next to doors that attackers will likely use during the round. The explosion sound of the Razorbloom mines is loud, so it will reveal the attackers' position.

More experienced players destroy part of the floor to more effectively hide the Razorbloom mines. If that wasn't enough, some players use Thorn's mines to destroy attacking gadgets or to cancel plant animations. The potential of the Razorbloom mines is considerable!

How do I counter Thorn?

The best counter to Thorn's mines is bullets. The Razorbloom mines aren't bulletproof, so these can be easily destroyed. Moreover, the device can be shot even when activated, just before the explosion. If you hear the gadget being triggered, don't panic -- just shoot at it!

Other counters for Thorn include explosives, Twitch and Flores' special drones, and Zero's special camera. You can also use Brava's Kludge Drone to hack Thorn's gadget.

Finally, Thatcher's EMPs have the power to disable the gadget for a brief period of time.

What are the best Thorn skins?

Here are some of the best skins for Thorn in Rainbow Six Siege.

Thorn's Mythical Cat

Thorn's Mythical Cat is one of the best skins in Rainbow Six Siege. Unfortunately, players can't get their hands on this cosmetic anymore. Amidst this year's Snow Brawl, Ubisoft hasn't re-released the Thorn Christmas bundle, so it seems this will become a very unique Siege skin.

Thorn Beach Time Bundle

In Siege, Thorn plays Volley even during Christmas! Thorn's Beach Time bundle can be acquired with Renown or R6 Credits. 

Esports All Sets

You can get your hands on a full Thorn esports bundle by purchasing the Esports All Sets bundle. It includes cosmetics for Thorn, Zofia, Warden, and Ace.

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Thorn Elite

Earlier this week, Rainbow Six Siege announced the arrival of Thorn's Elite Bundle. Well, now it's already in the game's store!

We believe that Thorn's Elite Bundle is going to be very popular, specially because she doesn't have many other bundles available in Rainbow Six Siege.

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