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Rainbow Six Siege Melusi operator guide

Here's everything you need to know about Rainbow Six Siege's Melusi.

Melusi is a Rainbow Six Siege defender released to the game alongside the launch of Operation Steel Wave.

For the past few operations, Melusi has been one of the best roamers in the game. However, Ubisoft has recently tweaked Melusi's speed, moving her from a three-speed to a one-speed operator. How will that affect Melusi?

Keep on reading our Rainbow Six Siege Melusi guide to find out more about the South African operator.

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What is Melusi's biography?

Melusi's real name is Thandiwe Ndlovu and she was born in Louwsburg, South Africa. For many years, she spent her time exploring with her friend, Elna Gardiner. During her childhood, she developed a feeling of respect for nature and animals. According to Ubisoft's biography, "The threat from poachers fueled their determination, and though haunted they focused on the lives they could save, rather than past casualties."

Ndlovu joined the South African National Defence Force. Later on, she was assigned to the 1 Parachute Battalion, where she was seriously wounded after an ambush.

According to her Ubisoft biography, "when Gardiner, who had become an accomplished veterinarian, asked for help defending Hluhluwe–Imfolozi Park, Ndlovu resigned from the military and began training local women in tracking, interception, and surveillance. Together, they are the heart of the Inkaba Task Force Anti-Poaching Unit."

What is the best Melusi loadout?

Primary: MP5 Submachine Gun / Super 90 Shotgun

Secondary: RG15 Handgun

Gadgets: x1 Bulletproof Camera / x2 Impact Grenades

Melusi's loadout is very aggressive, but she has been nerfed recently with a change to her speed. With the launch of Operation Solar Raid, Melusi has been changed from a three-speed to a one-speed operator. It's still uncertain how that will affect Melusi during the rest of Year 7.

However, in terms of loadout, Melusi players can't complain. Melusi's impacts give her the ability to escape from gunfights while roaming. On top of that, her MP5 is one of the best defensive guns in the game, only accessible to her, Doc, and Rook.

What is Melusi's playstyle?

Melusi has always been played as a roamer due to the potential of her loadout. However, with the launch of Operation Solar Raid, players have had to use her as a flex or even as an anchor as roaming with a one-speed operator is very complicated.

We expect players to keep using her as a roamer or as a flex. Her impact grenades are a very useful gadget and her device is the master pillar of countless strategies in Rainbow Six Siege.

Melusi beginner's guide

Melusi's gadget is the Banshee Sonic Defense. When attackers get closer to it, the device is triggered and slows them down. Attackers can get rid of the gadget by shooting at it once it's active.

Melusi's Banshees are easy to use. You just have to place them on walls or the floor. As Melusi only has three of these, it doesn't take much time for her to position them. 

However, it's important to place them in strategic spots. Your best options are elevated positions where attackers are forced to shoot at it, or spots where the attackers can't see them from a safe distance and must get in close.

Oregon's Freezer is an example. By placing the Banshee on the sink, attackers are forced to walk while being slowed down. They are also forced to use utility to destroy it safely, which is great news for you.

How do I counter Melusi?

It's quite simple to counter Melusi's gadget. You just have to get close enough to trigger it and then shoot at it. However, that will slow you down and reveal your position. You can also melee it.

Operators with fragmentation grenades or with explosive projectiles can counter Melusi's gadget. That automatically puts Sledge, Nokk, Ash, and Zofia, among other operators, at the top of Melusi's counters list.

Thatcher can also temporarily disable Melusi's gadget, while Twitch can destroy it with her drone if the device is triggered. If you are using her drone, you can help out your teammate by destroying it in its place.

On top of that, Sledge's hammer can also destroy Melusi's Banshees.

What are the best Melusi skins?

Here are some of the best skins for Melusi in Rainbow Six Siege.


Melusi's Elite Bundle is called Umvikeli. It's themed around her childhood in her native country. You can acquire it for 1,800 R6 Credits.

Knights 2021

There are plenty of skins for Melusi's MP5, but the Knights 2021 is one of the best out there. You can acquire it with 300 R6 Credits.

Melusi SG Bundle

Last but not least, you can get the Melusi SG Bundle.  According to Ubisoft's bundle description, "100% of net proceeds" will go to Ecologi, "an organization working to plant trees and fund carbon reduction projects around the world."

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