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What are the best gadgets in Rainbow Six Siege?

Gadgets are essential tools in Rainbow Six Siege.

Banner image: Ubisoft

In Rainbow Six Siege, every detail matters. New angles of sight, the operators' weapons, how their abilities are used... Siege is a game where small things have a huge impact. 

One of the players' objectives while playing the game is creating a balanced lineup. Attackers can't pretend to attack a site without at least a hard breacher or a support figure. Defenders will have many problems if they don't bring an anchor or an operator like Bandit, Kaid, or Mute. 

This also applies to gadgets. Just like the weapons kit is important, having a certain set of gadgets will affect the operator's pick rate. 

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What are gadgets in Rainbow Six Siege?

In the current meta, throwable gadgets have a huge impact in any attacking lineup, while explosives and bulletproof cameras are a must in many defensive rosters. 

All gadgets bring something special, so it's up to you to decide which fits the best in your plans.

Rainbow Six Siege Attacking Gadgets

Frag Grenade (x2)

Frag Grenades are essential in any attacker lineup. Attackers usually bring at least two operators with a set of two frag grenades, which is the maximum an operator can bring to the battlefield. 

These can be used to destroy any kind of bulletproof gadget. Operators also combine them with yellow pings, as frag grenades can be thrown to ceilings if you cook them first. For example, someone to drone you and use the yellow ping to indicate where the defender is located on the floor above. Obviously, this only works if the ceiling is soft. 

Stun Grenade (x3)

Stuns are also important in any Siege attacking lineup. Although the function of a stun grenade is stunning the opponents, attackers often use them to trigger defender gadgets such as Jäger's ADSs or Wamai's MAG-Net. Without them, attackers with frag grenades or throwable explosives would be in a very delicate spot. 

Smoke Grenade (x2)

Want to have a good cover to plant? Smokes are your best ally then. With two canisters per operator, smokes are used to get a good cover or to cross through a corridor without the defenders knowing your exact location. Watch out if there's a Warden though!

Claymore (x2)

Claymores are the roamers' worst nightmare. Attackers have two of them and are usually deployed by windows or doors. These are also placed on stairs or on surfaces where the red lasers aren't easily spotted.

Breach Charge (x3)

If you need soft destruction, Breach Charges are a must. This gadget is placed on soft walls or floors to destroy a big part of the surface. However, keep in mind that these can't be used on reinforced walls or non-destroyable walls or floors.

Hard Breach Charge (x2)

The Hard Breach Charge is one of the newest gadgets added to the game. This gives operators the chance to open big enough holes to vault in the room, or to open a full hatch. It is a very useful gadget for very specific sites.

Rainbow Six Siege Defensive Gadgets

C4 (x1)

C4s are very important in any defensive lineup as these can kill if properly thrown. C4s are used to stop plants and to get kills from one floor to another. Some players even pre-place C4s and wait for an attacker to step into the area covered by the C4. Operators that can do that are Pulse, Mozzie, and Valkyrie, as these are intel-gathering defenders. You can even ask your teammates for information to know where and when to throw the C4!

Deployable Shield (x1)

Deployable Shields are a headache for every attacker. Defenders can play behind them as the shield has some small spots from where players can look through. It is just like bringing a deployable Mira window. Deployable Shields combined with Jäger's ADSs or with Wamai's MAG-Nets are every attacker's nightmare.

Barbed Wire (x2)

Barbed Wire is a gadget that slows down any attacker that steps on it. This can also be combined with Bandit's batteries or Kaid's Electroclaws to electrify the wire, which will hurt any attacker that walks through it. It also works as a good drone stopper, as the electrified Barbed Wire will destroy any drone.

Proximity Alarm (x2)

The name says it all. Once an attacker is on its radar, the alarm is going to start beeping. If a defender is close to it, that's very valuable information — and even a kill, if the defender is quick enough. 

Impact Grenade (x2)

Impact Grenades are essential while defending some sites. These are mainly used to create quick rotations or new angles of sight. However, defenders can also use them to impact trick. 

Impact tricking is a Rainbow Six Siege play that is performed to destroy attacking gadgets from a safe distance. This is mainly used to avoid attackers from breaching reinforced walls or hatches.

Bulletproof Camera (x1)

Bulletproof Cameras are bulletproof indeed but can be destroyed with bullets by shooting the sides. These cameras give very valuable information. Advice from us, you should place them over hatches and then destroy these so attackers can't melee them!

What are the best gadgets in Rainbow Six Siege?

In the current meta, there's no doubt the most important piece of attacking utility is any kind of throwable gadget, while defenders rely on Deployable Shields and explosive gadgets such as C4s and Impact Grenades. 

However, every gadget brings something different, and in Siege, everything makes a difference. We highly encourage you to try getting the best out of any gadget regardless of its importance in the game's meta!