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Rainbow Six Siege new season: Operation Dread Factor

Operation Dread Factor is around the corner!

On May 14, Ubisoft unveiled Rainbow Six Siege's upcoming season, Operation Dread Factor. Only one day later, the Test Server was already open for players to try out the new features included in Siege's next season of content.

Operation Dread Factor will include multiple balancing changes, including a rework to Consulate and a new defender, called Fenrir.

Fenrir is a two-speed, two-health operator who deploys a mine that reduces the field of view of the attacker exposed to it.

Moreover, Operation Dread Factor is set to buff Grim, remove Deployable Shields from Smoke and Aruni, and more.

With Operation Dread Factor, Ubisoft will also release chances to the Practice Field, the addition of Arcade Game modes, and more.

Here's everything that's coming with Operation Dread Factor!

Rainbow Six Siege's new operator Fenrir

Fenrir is Rainbow Six Siege's new operator. He's a defender and will be played as an anchor or flex.

His gadget is called F-NATT Mine. Fenrir has six of these, but can only activate three. This means that Fenrir will have to partner with other operators like Maestro, Valkyrie, or Pulse, to have enough information to activate and deactivate the traps.

His loadout is versatile, as it includes Bandit's MP7 and Kapkan's SASG-12. He also has access to Alibi's Bailiff 410.

For those wondering, Fenrir is 32 years old and he's from Sweden.

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Consulate Rework

With the arrival of Operation Dread Factor, Consulate is going through a rework. This time, we aren't talking about a couple of changes to windows, but a full map rework.

Although Consulate still feels like Consulate, much has changed on the map. The most notable change is in the Garage, as now attackers must get inside the building to access the Garage wall. This will make defender retakes a bit easier as attackers always stayed outside and protected the defuser from a very long and safe distance.

Other areas such as the second floor or the yellow stairs have also gone through important changes. Overall, Consulate feels fresh, but players won't lose themselves on the map.

New Shooting Range

Operation Dread Factor will include an update to the Practice Field. Players will have the option to practice their aim in an Aim Lab-styled practice field.

Players will be able to change the target, as they will be able to choose between red circles or practice robots. They will also be allowed to change attachments and scopes.

That's not the only new feature coming to the Shooting Range. With the launch of Operation Dread Factor, players will be able to put a soft wall between them and their target to see how much damage the weapon delivers when shooting at soft surfaces or to practice the creation of rotations.

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Return of Arcade Game modes and new game mode Free For All

Arcade Game modes are making a return to Rainbow Six Siege with the launch of Operation Dread Factor!

After the release of the Siege's upcoming season, players will be able to enjoy Arcade game modes once again. Operation Dread Factor will see the returns of Snipers Only, Headshots Only, and Golden Gun. Moreover, Rainbow Six Siege is introducing a new Arcade game mode called Free For All.

Rainbow Six Siege's new Arcade Game mode Free For All will see ten players facing off in the same server. Compared to other game modes, Free For All won't have teams as each individual will play for itself. The first player to reach 30 kills wins!

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Observation Blocker

Ubisoft is releasing the Observation Blocker with Operation Dread Factor.

The Observation Blocker is a defender gadget that blocks the vision of the attacking drones. This means that defensive gadgets such as Bulletproof Cameras or Valkyrie's devices aren't affected by the Observation Blockers.

Each defender can be equipped with three Observation Blockers, which can be placed at any moment of the round.

Observation Blockers aren't bulletproof, which means that attackers can destroy them by shooting at them. Attackers can also hack this device, so Brava comes in handy to counter the Observation Blockers.

For more information about the Observation Blockers check out our Observation Blocker guide!

Grim's buff

Operation Dread Factor will see a huge change in Grim, who has been buffed by Ubisoft's developers.

His gadget is changing as now it's quicker and better. Moreover, Grim's loadout has changed massively, as the developers have given him Hard Breaching Charges and the Bailiff 410. 

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Leaning on Console

Another massive change is coming to Console, as from Operation Dread Factor console players will also be able to lean. Until Operation Commanding Force, this move was exclusive for PC players!

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