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Operation Dread Factor brings new Practice Field features: Destruction and Aim Lab-styled training mode

Operation Dread Factor is bringing changes to Rainbow Six Siege's Practice Field!

Today, Rainbow Six Siege has unveiled all of the details about Operation Dread Factor. As expected, the community has built a lot of hype around Siege's new operator, Fenrir, and Consulate's rework.

Although Fenrir and Consulate head, Operation Dread Factor is bringing new changes to Rainbow Six Siege's Practice Field. Believe us, you should be thrilling for this one!

With the launch of Operation Dread Factor, Rainbow Six Siege's Practice Field is expected to go through some changes. 

The community will have the option to use an Aim Lab-styled training mode, a game mode that has been created to help players to improve their aim.

Moreover, Ubisoft will give players the chance of setting an unreinforced wall between them and the target to practice how to open rotations or to check how much damage does the weapon deliver through soft surfaces.

Practice Field - Aim Lab-styled training mode

It's finally here! With the release of Operation Dread Factor, Rainbow Six Siege players will finally have access to an Aim-Lab styled training mode.

With this new feature, players will be able to shoot at moving targets. This game mode was created to help players at improving their aim in Rainbow Six Siege. However, we highly advice you to use it in the future as a way to warm up before playing Ranked!

Practice Field - Destruction and Walls

Finally, players will be allowed to set a wall between them and their target to evaluate how much damage do the weapons delivet when shooting an opponent through a soft surface. 

This is not the only objective for this new feature. Rainbow Six Siege players can also use this game mode to learn how to open rotations or how to open new angles of sight in the game.

By shooting at the wall in the Practice Field screen, you will be able to deploy a new wall.

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