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Operation Dread Factor to introduce huge Grim buff

Grim will be buffed in Operation Dread Factor!

Operation Dread Factor will arrive to Rainbow Six Siege in two weeks. Although the new operator, Fenrir, and Consulate's rework have stolen the show, we can't overlook the changes to Grim.

With Operation Dread Factor, Ubisoft is transforming Grim. Grim's gadget and loadout has been changed to elevate the Singaporean's position in Rainbow Six Siege. Will it work?

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Grim in Rainbow Six Siege

Grim is a Rainbow Six Siege attacker that was introduced to the game in Sep. 2022 with the launch of Operation Brutal Swarm.

Straight from Singapore, Grim was welcomed by the Rainbow Six Siege community with open arms. Unfortunately, his impact to the game has hardly been noticeable.

Since Operation Brutal Swarm, Grim's gadget has been too slow. Moreover, his loadout, compared to Siege's entry fraggers and roamer cleaners, is underwhelming. Plain and simple, Grim is completely off the meta. He's not there.

Due to the lack of playtime in Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft have decided to transform Grim. So, what's changing with Operation Dread Factor?

Grim Buff - What's changing?

In Operation Dread Factor, Ubisoft is completely changing Grim. It's the first of the two buffs that Grim is expected to get this season, so expect the Singaporean to get even better during the next few months!

Here are the changes that Ubisoft is making to Grim in Operation Dread Factor:

Kawan Hive Launcher

Grim will be able to equip and use the Kawan Hive Launcher. His tracking bees will deploy more quickly and will also cover a larger area. On top of that, Grim's bees duration will be doubled.

Bailiff 410

Ubisoft is giving Grim the Bailiff 410 as a secondary weapon, which will give Grim the option to play vertically with more freedom.

Hard Breach Charges

Ubisoft is adding Hard Breach Charges to Grim's loadout.

Is Grim good now?

We expect Grim to become a strong wildcard pick in some maps like Bank or Kafe.

We have seen professionals playing Zero to attack sites like Bank's basement due to his gadget and his hard breaching charges, so why not Grim?

Grim's gadget will be very effective now with the changes made to the Kawan Hive Launcher.

However, we don't expect these changes to make him a solid pick in every map. His lack of explosives and throwable devices lacklusters the Singaporean operator. Nevertheless, he has gone from a bad pick to a decent pick for roam cleaning or even planting and post-planting situations. So, good job Ubisoft!

Keep in mind that a second update for Grim will be deployed during the year. We highly encourage you to try out the Operation Dread Factor Test Server as soon as possible to provide Ubisoft with valuable feedback!

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