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Rainbow Six Siege's new Arcade Game mode: Free For All

Free For All will be released to Rainbow Six Siege with Operation Dread Factor!

Rainbow Six Siege have today unveiled Operation Dread Factor, which will be released in just a few weeks. 

Among many other features, Ubisoft have announced the arrival of a new defender, Fenrir, a rework to Consulate, and the cherry on top of the cake: a new Arcade Game mode.

While fans knew about the return of Arcade Game modes in Rainbow Six Siege due to the game's announcement, nobody knew about the release of a fifth game mode.

Keep on reading to know more about Arcade and Siege's new game mode, Free For All.

Free For All

Free For All is a Rainbow Six Siege game mode with no teams as the ten players in the server will play against each other. The first player to earn 30 kills wins.

Players can use any operator in this game mode, so we encourage you to try out the whole operator map pool!

Arcade Game modes in Siege

With the release of Operation Dread Factor, Rainbow Six Siege will have five Arcade game modes:

  • Free For All
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Snipers Only
  • Headshots Only
  • Golden Gun

Keep on reading to know more about the four game modes that will join Rainbow Six Siege alongside Free For All!

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch is a Rainbow Six Siege game mode where players are put in two teams of five members. Players can only use the operators' guns but not their abilities.

When a player is killed, it will reappear to the map after being given the option of continuing with the same operator or changing it.

Snipers Only

Snipers Only is a game mode that follows Team Deathmatch's rules with one exception: players can only use Snipers!

Headshots Only

Headshots Only is a game mode where the players' bodies are covered in a bulletproof material. The only part that can be shot is their heads. So, you better improve your aim before trying out this one!

Golden Gun

Last but not least, Golden Gun is a game mode where players can only use the D-50. Each barrel has one bullet only, so you better hit your shots!

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