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Operation Dread Factor to introduce new gadget called Observation Blocker

Here's everything you need to know about the Observation Blocker!

Yesterday, Ubisoft unveiled Operation Dread Factor. The announcement included information about Fenrir, Rainbow Six Siege's new operator, Consulate's rework, and more.

Ubisoft's balancing changes for Rainbow Six Siege hyped a big part of the community. One of the additions to the game with the release of Operation Dread Factor will be the Observation Blocker, a defender gadget to prevent attackers from droning freely.

Keep on reading to know more about the Observation Blocker.

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Observation Blocker

Rainbow Six Siege's new defender gadget is the Observation Blocker. The operators with access to the Observation Blocker will have three of these devices to deploy throughout the round.

The Observation Blocker is a gadget that's deployed on the floor and blocks the drones' vision. It only affects the drones' vision as the operators can see what's behind the blocking screen.

With the Observation Blocker, the defenders can stop the attackers from getting valuable information. The defenders can also hide devices behind the screen, preventing the attackers from reading and countering their opponents' strategies.

Observation Blocker - Synergies

Rainbow Six Siege's Observation Blocker can be combined with Maestro or Valkyrie, operators whose cameras can see through the blocking screen.

Mozzie is another operator that can be used alongside the Observation Blocker, as he can hack the drones that get too close to it.

The defenders can also combine it with Bulletproof Cameras, which are also inmune to the Observation Blocker effects.

Observation Blocker - Counters

The Observation Blocker can be countered easily. According to Ubisoft's announcement, it can be destroyed with bullets and explosions.

Brava is the best choice, as the attackers can use it against the defenders. Twitch and Flores should also be able to use their gadgets to destroy the Observation Blockers.

When is Operation Dread Factor being released?

Operation Dread Factor will be released to the Test Server later today. It will reach the live version of Rainbow Six Siege on May 30.

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