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When is the next Rainbow Six Siege season?

Hold tight, the new season is around the corner.

Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Solar Raid is about to end, which means a new season is upon us. As part of the final season of Year 7, Brava will join Rainbow Six Siege. With Brava, you will be able to hack ANY defensive gadget! Sounds cool, uh?

Brava and more exciting features will be released in Rainbow Six Siege with the release of Operation Commanding Force!

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When is the next Rainbow Six Siege season?

Rainbow Six Siege's newest season is called Operation Commanding Force, which will be released in March. 7th! Can't wait to try out Operation Commanding Force? Well, the Test Server is already open to try out all of the new features!

Operation Commanding Force will see the introduction of Brava. She will be a three-speed, one-health operator. Her Kludge Drone will be able to hack ANY defensive gadget, including cameras, traps, and even bulletproof devices!

Moreover, other new features will be released to Rainbow Six Siege. Console players will be given a new anti-cheat called Mousetrap, which targets mouse and keyboard players.

Rainbow Six Siege's Reputation System will go through changes. Also, a Reload Rework will be introduced to the game. 

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What is coming with Operation Commanding Force?

Operation Commanding Force will change how players compete in Rainbow Six Siege! With Year 8, many features will be released to the game.

These are all of the updates coming to Rainbow Six Siege with Operation Commanding Force:

Operation Commanding Force will bring to the game highly awaited changes to the quality of life and the experience of players. Changes to the Reputation System, a Reload Rework, and a new operator are the most awaited features by the community.

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