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When is the next Rainbow Six Siege season?

Hold tight, the new season is around the corner.

Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Dread Factor is near its final weeks, which only means one thing: a new Rainbow Six Siege season is upon us.

Operation Dread Factor included multiple new features to the game, with the new defender Fenrir and the Consulate rework being the main talking points.

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When will Ubisoft release the next Siege season?

Rainbow Six Siege's upcoming season called Operation Deep Freeze will be released on December 5. It will include a new operator, a new map, and multiple new features!

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Operation Deep Freeze was expected to be released on November 28. However, Ubisoft decided to delay its release due to some bugs found on the new map, Lair.

What is Rainbow Six Siege's newest season?

Rainbow Six Siege's new season is called Operation Deep Freeze.

Operation Deep Freeze is Rainbow Six Siege's fourth season of Year 8 and it will introduce a Portuguese operator called Tubarão. He joins the team alongside Fenrir, Brava, and Ram, who were released in Operation Dread Factor, Operation Commanding Force, and Operation Heavy Mettle, respectively.

Operation Deep Freeze Details

Operation Heavy Mettle was fully revealed on Aug. 13 and was deployed on Aug. 29. Here's everything that was announced in Ubisoft's reveal for Operation Heavy Mettle:

While Ram stole the show in Operation Heavy Mettle's reveal, the South Korean attacker is just one of the many features coming to Rainbow Six Siege.

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