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Rainbow Six Siege Tachanka operator guide

Here's everything you need to know about Rainbow Six Siege's Tachanka.

Tachanka is a Russian operator in Rainbow Six Siege. He arrived at the game's launch all the way back in Dec. 2016. Tachanka is the god of Rainbow Six Siege.

He started as a meme due to the inefficiency of his gadget, but his eventual rework made him a very playable operator, and we'll run you through how to play him in our Rainbow Six Siege Tachanka guide.

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What is Tachanka's biography?

Disclaimer: Tachanka's biography isn't in the game anymore due to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

What is the best Tachanka loadout?

Primary: DP27 Light Machine Gun / 9x19VSN Submachine Gun

Secondary: GSh-18 Handgun / PMM Handgun / Bearing 9 Machine Pistol

Gadgets: Barbed Wire x2 / Deployable Shield x1

Tachanka's loadout is versatile and focuses on site construction tasks. By bringing the DP27, Tachanka can easily create rotations and new angles of sight. He can combine it with Hibana and Echo's Bearing 9. To top it off, players usually bring the Deployable Shield, a strong piece of utility that pushes attackers to waste utility and explosives to clear it.

What is Tachanka's playstyle?

Tachanka is an anchor. Despite boasting a strong loadout, his one-speed trait doesn't allow him to roam. He is a slow and loud operator, and it would be difficult for him to flank the attackers.

On top of that, his ability, the Grenade Launcher, is useful to protect the site from attackers. The flames of the grenades keep away the attackers and cut off any possible rush attempt. All of that makes Tachanka an anchor.

Tachanka beginner's guide

Tachanka's gadget, the Grenade Launcher, throws fire projectiles. Attackers can't walk in the fire otherwise they will receive a huge amount of damage. 

Tachanka's projectiles are great to stop attackers from entering the Bombsite. Just like Smoke's gas canisters, Tachanka's fire projectiles prevent attackers from planting. This is one of the best ways to use the Grenade Launcher, as it wastes a lot of the attacker's time.

With his Deployable Shield, Tachanka can be covered while throwing the projectiles from behind it. On top of that, Tachanka is also great at opening rotations and new angles of sight. 

If you want to play Tachanka, you should focus on staying on the Bombsite as an anchor, giving information to your teammates and waiting for the final seconds of the round. That's when Tachanka is useful, as his fire will block doors and other entry points to the site.

How do I counter Tachanka?

It's very difficult to counter Tachanka, and there's no gadget that can put out the flames from his grenades. Only an operator like Montagne can become a counter to Tachanka, as he can use his shield to be protected from his LMG -- but not from his fire.

Lion can also counter Tachanka, as his gadget can force the Russian operator to stay still, making it difficult for him to use his Grenade Launcher.

What are the best Tachanka skins?

Here are some of the best skins for Tachanka in Rainbow Six Siege.

Slava Korolyu

Tachanka's Elite Bundle is the Slava Korolyu. It's the ultimate form of the god of Siege. You can purchase it with R6 Credits.

Rogue Full Kit '20

Rogue's 2020 R6 Share kit was for Tachanka. It was released when Tachanka's ability was reworked. You can purchase it with R6 Credits.

Windborn Majesty

In case you want to play with Tachanka's 9x19VSN, you can get the Windborn Majesty, which is part of the Ascending Bundle. You can equip this gun with Azami and Kapkan as well. You can purchase it with Renown or R6 Credits.

If you're looking for some extra tips, be sure to check out our Fuze guideKapkan guide, and Glaz guide.

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