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Who is the worst operator in Rainbow Six Siege?

Not everyone can be a great pick.

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It's difficult to say who's the best and who's the worst operator in Rainbow Six Siege.

Despite the controversies these two questions may create, it's important to give an answer to the debate. There's no doubt that Rainbow Six Siege's meta is complicated and not all of the operators fit in it.

So, here we are. Let's have a look to the operator pool and decide who's the worst operator in Rainbow Six Siege!

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Who is the worst Rainbow Six Siege operator?

Although everyone may have its opinion, it's fair to say that the worst operator in Rainbow Six Siege is Clash.

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According to Ubisoft's most recent Designer's Notes, Clash's presence is one of the lowest by any operator in the game. If that wasn't enough, her win rate on PC currently stands on -6%, the lowest in Rainbow Six Siege. She's the only defender off the charts.

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Although some other operators may also have low pick rates and a low win delta, the truth is that Clash has always been in a similar position. It's not about a recent nerf, but her position on the charts has always been extremely bad. But, why?

Why is Clash the worst Rainbow Six Siege operator?

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Clash is Rainbow Six Siege's worst operator in the game because her loadout and her traits are off-meta, making her the lowest picked operator in the game.

The majority of players in Rainbow Six Siege tend to play quick roamers and entry operators as these have the best guns in the game. Clash is just the opposite, a one-speed operator with an electric shield as a primary weapon.

In other words, Clash isn't a fast operator with an appealing gun. Precisely, Clash was designed to stop operators from rushing or from moving to a room. As this isn't what the majority of players want to do while playing Rainbow Six Siege, most of them don't use her at all.

Moreover, her gadget is difficult to use. To play Clash's electric shield properly, you must know how to use it without completely draining the battery. It's important to have great patience, as Clash is about forcing the attackers to push you instead of pushing them. Ideally, a good Clash player will drain the attackers' utility, leaving them dry and making any push to the site almost a death sentence.

Who are the least picked operators in Rainbow Six Siege?

Clash isn't the only operator to be avoided in ranked.

Here are some of the least picked operators in Rainbow Six Siege:


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Sens' current pick rate on PC is almost as bad as Clash's pick rate. While Sens' win delta is a bit higher (-5%) the attacker's pick rate is very similar to the defender.

Unfortunately, Sens' gadget isn't as good as the community expected it to be. Although it can easily be used when trying to plant the defuser, not many players decide to play Sens. They loadout is good and they currently is a three-speed operator, so we may see Sens being played more often in the future.

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While Kali's gadget is extremely useful, players don't like her loadout. The reason is easy to understand: her rifle. Just like Glaz, Kali can only equip a big rifle as a primary weapon. This makes it difficult to use her inside any building, unless it has long corridors like Kafe or Border.

Kali was introduced to the game as an alternative to Thatcher. Unfortunately, the players didn't like her. Now, Impact EMPs being a reality make Kali even more useless. It's a shame.

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Although Tachanka's gadget has been improved throughout the years, he's still far behind the rest of defenders in Rainbow Six Siege. He's slow and other operators like Smoke or Goyo can make the same job with better weapons and utility. Tachanka is still not there.

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Last but not least we have Blackbeard, who was insanely OP when he was released to Rainbow Six Siege. Now, his presence in the game has been reduced to almost zero. His loadout is far behind the current meta and his special ability isn't enough to compensate his flaws.

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