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Rainbow Six Siege Clash operator guide

Here's everything you need to know about Rainbow Six Siege's Clash.

Clash is a Rainbow Six Siege defender who was first introduced to the game with the launch of Operation Grim Sky. 

Clash is the only defender who plays with a shield. Just like Blitz, her shield is electric. However, there's a twist. While Blitz blinds the defenders, Clash slows down attackers.

Keep on reading our Rainbow Six Siege Clash guide to learn more about her and her ability!

What is Clash's biography?

Clash's real name is Morowa Evans and she was born in London, England. Clash was highly admired for leading the fight against racist groups. According to her Ubisoft biography, "she was relentless until the day her friend and mentor, Tray Pearson, died trying to stop looters during a riot." 

The death of Tray Pearson changed the course of her life, as two months later she "offered her assistance" to the Metropolitan Police Service because she wanted to "make a difference within the system." She was successful. Evans made it her career and eventually joined the MPS.

She was very important during the 2011 London Riots, as she "commanded the front line in the Territorial Support Group to stop the violence from spreading." Later on, she would get "special permission" to attend Gold Command meetings.

Throughout her service, Evans made 274 arrests. She earned the Queen's Police Medal for "exceptional bravery".

What is the best Clash loadout?

Primary: CCE Shield

Secondary: P-10C Handgun / SPSMG9 Machine Pistol / Super Shorty Shotgun

Gadgets: Impact Grenade x2 / Barbed Wire x2

Let's face it, Clash's loadout isn't very tempting. She's the only defender with access to a shield. If you are one of those players who prefer being in gunfights rather than watching them, Clash isn't for you.

However, she's a great addition if you want to support your teammates. Clash's shield slows down the attackers, and her weapons and gadgets are a good asset to create rotations or new angles of sight.

If you play Clash we highly advise you to play with her SPSMG9 Machine Pistol. If you want an alternative, the Super Shorty is a great weapon if you want to focus on giving a new shape to the Bombsite.

What is Clash's playstyle?

Clash is an anchor or flex operator. Players use Clash from inside the site to the outside to get information and electrify the attackers, so they not only lose health points but also utility while trying to eliminate the English operator.

If Clash is combined with a Jäger ADS or with a pair of Wamai disks, she can become a strong flex, holding the attackers while making them lose time and utility.

Clash beginner's guide

Clash's gadget is the CCE Shield. It can electrify attackers, dealing them damage while also slowing them down. Her ability is perfect to control long corridors or rooms, preventing attackers from coming in. If combined with Jäger's ADSs, Clash can be an attacker's worst enemy.

Despite Clash being a pain in the neck for the attackers, players don't play her that often. However, in some maps like Bank or Chalet, Clash can be a very useful operator.

Clash is the perfect operator to use when defending sites with a wall that leads outside. In sites like Chalet's garage or Clubhouse's CCTV, attackers usually try to breach the wall and plant close to it to cover the defuser from a safe position. Clash is very useful in those situations, as she can get important information while electrifying the attackers. Meanwhile, the opposition is forced to waste utility to get rid of Clash's electricity.

Overall, Clash is a situational operator. Nevertheless, in the right hands, Clash can be a round-changer!

How do I counter Clash?

Countering Clash in Rainbow Six Siege is difficult, but not impossible.

All operators can counter Clash by meleeing her shield, which will expose Clash's body. Knifing the shield and shooting her quickly is the most effective counter. However, some operators bring new stuff to the table.

Zofia is Clash's main counter. Her stun grenades will make Clash vulnerable.

Thatcher's EMPs will disable Clash's shield, leaving her exposed. If she can't use her electricity, attackers can run to her.

Kali's scope is powerful enough to make Clash vulnerable, replicating the effects of a melee hit. 

Nomad's Airjabs will push Zofia back, leaving her even more vulnerable than any other operator could.

Flores' explosive drones can deal great damage despite Clash's shield.

Finally, Capitao's fire arrows can burn Clash, as her shield doesn't protect her from flames.

Is Clash a bad operator in Rainbow Six Siege?

Unfortunately, Clash is the worst operator in Rainbow Six Siege.

As of now, Clash is the least-used operator in Rainbow Six Siege. Her loadout isn't appealing, as she only has a shield and a secondary gun. While Clash is a problem to any attacking lineup in Rainbow Six Siege, players often prefer playing aggressive operators like Thorn, Jäger, or Alibi.

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On top of that, Clash is often banned from Ranked games. This makes it very difficult for players to play Clash, even if they wanted to.

Should Ubisoft buff Clash?

To make her more popular in the game, Ubisoft should try to rework Clash's gadget.

Unfortunately, we don't think that's going to happen any time soon. It's not a surprise that Clash doesn't fit Rainbow Six Siege's current meta, which is now led by 1.5x scopes.

We think that a good idea to make Clash more appealing is updating her gadget effectiveness with changes to the damage she deals to enemies. However, even if that happened, we don't think her pickrate would increase much.

What are the best Clash skins?

Here are some of the best skins for Clash in Rainbow Six Siege.

Clash Deciduous Bundle

The Clash Deciduous Bundle is Clash's only Bundle in the game. You can purchase it with Renown or with R6 Credits.


The Convoy skin may be your best option, as you will be able to use this cosmetic with Castle and Gridlock as well.

Reflective Law

Finally, the Reflective Law can be acquired for just 9,000 Renown or a bit more than 200 R6 Credits. You can equip it to Kali as well!

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