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Who is the best operator in Rainbow Six Siege?

Right now, Finka is Rainbow Six Siege's best operator.

R6 Siege best operator

The majority of the rounds on Rainbow Six Siege are decided on the operator pick phase, meaning who you select can make or break a match. So who is the best operator in Rainbow Six Siege? What's that operator that must be in your lineup no matter what? 

Well, this is our answer.

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Who is the best operator in Rainbow Six Siege?

Right now, Finka is the best operator in Rainbow Six Siege. According to absolutely everyone in the game, she is overpowered. She is the most-picked operator on attack mainly due to her fragmentation grenades, her GONNE-9, her LMG, and her ability. 

Finka's fragmentation grenades and her GONNE-9 are the main reason why she is overpicked in Rainbow Six Siege esport competitions. Her LMG is also game-changingly powerful, which gives her the chance to shoot a full magazine without having recoil at all when combined with her ability. 

All of that makes Finka the best operator in Rainbow Six Siege, although this could change in the future. She is so good that Ubisoft has already announced she is going to be nerfed anytime now. 

What makes a good operator in Rainbow Six Siege?

Although every operator brings a different quality to the battlefield, we must be honest with you: some are fantastic, some are useless. It all depends on what the meta asks for. 

Right now, the meta is a bit crazy. However, keeping it simple is the way to go. Getting kills is important, so operators with good weapons are always a good pick. We are talking of Finka, Zofia, Iana, Nomad, or Lion in attack, and Melusi, Jäger, Azami, Smoke, or Bandit on defense.

Bringing good gadgets to the battlefield is also important to differentiate an operator from the rest. On attack, operators with fragmentation grenades are very appreciated. Meanwhile, operators with no throwable gadgets aren't very common. The best example is IQ. Meanwhile, on defense, gadgets such as C4 or bulletproof cameras are very important. 

Finally, each operator's ability is also important. Some operators' abilities aren't very meta, so they are rarely used in the game. For example, operators whose abilities aren't very appealing, such as Clash, or whose abilities are hard to master won't be seen as often.