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What are the best Rainbow Six Siege attacking operators?

These are the best Rainbow Six Siege attacking operators in the current meta.

R6 best operators

In Rainbow Six Siege, choosing the right operator is very important. You have to take into account many aspects of the game, such as the site your team is going to attack, or the game's meta. 

Here's a list of the best Rainbow Six Siege attacking operators that  currently fit the meta the most and can be used in almost every possible take in the game.

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Finka is arguably the best-attacking operator in Rainbow Six Siege. She has access to an LMG, which is the best type of weapon in the game right now. She can also bring two fragmentation grenades and a GONNE-6.

Her ability also gives her teammates a huge advantage over opponents while taking gunfights. Finka's adrenal surge boosts herself and her teammates by giving them better recoil control. She can also withstand, or revive teammates from the distance. 

Although she is very strong in the current meta, Ubisoft has already expressed its idea of nerfing the LMGs, which would directly affect Finka.


Nokk's place in the current meta is very strong. Nokk's ability makes her invisible to cameras, so she instantly becomes a great entry fragger. On top of that, she has access to two fragmentation grenades, which are very important for attackers.

Nokk's primary weapon options are Smoke's FMG-9 and Ying's SIX12 SD. Meanwhile, her secondary options are Valkyrie's D-50 and Ash's 5.7 USG. 


It's difficult to see Thatcher in both ranked and competitive matches as the majority of players ban him. However, when he is open, he can have a deep impact in the rounds.

His EMPs disable any defensive gadget for 10 seconds. If players get to combine that with hard breaching tools, or with grenades, attackers can take control of rooms in a blink of an eye. 


Bringing a hard breacher is fundamental in Rainbow Six Siege, and Thermite is the most iconic in the game. His charges can destroy a full reinforced hatch or wall. He also brings two smoke grenades, which will help you a lot if you play Bomb.

If you don't like playing Thermite, don't worry. You also have Hibana, who brings flashes and the Bearing 9, Ace, or even Maverick. However, no matter what, Thermite will always be the ultimate hard breacher!


Last but not least, Sledge. Sledge brings his special hammer and can destroy any soft wall or floor. He can create many angles that attackers can use to surprise the defenders. His weapon set is very easy to use too, and he also brings two fragmentation grenades to the battlefield. If you are just starting Rainbow Six Siege, Sledge is one of the first operators you should be purchasing!

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