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Operation Heavy Mettle Test Server date announced

Operation Heavy Mettle is around the corner.

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Ubisoft announced today the features coming to Operation Heavy Mettle, which will be Rainbow Six Siege’s third season for Year 8.

As always, Ubisoft will give the players the chance to try out the upcoming features by opening the Test Server. Believe us, you don’t want to miss out on this one!

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Operation Heavy Mettle Test Server Date

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Following the full reveal of Operation Heavy Mettle, Ubisoft announced the official date for the Test Server.

Operation Heavy Mettle Test Server will open on Aug. 14. The community will be able to try all of the changes coming to Rainbow Six Siege in the upcoming weeks!

What’s coming with Operation Heavy Mettle?

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Undoubtedly, Operation Heavy Mettle’s most exciting feature is the new operator, Ram, who brings a special drone called Bu-Gi Auto Breacher. Other changes include reworks for Frost and Grim, revamped versions of Quick Match and Unranked, and more.

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When will Operation Heavy Mettle be released?

While an official date hasn’t been revealed yet for Operation Heavy Mettle, we expect Ubisoft to release Operation Heavy Mettle any day between the 28th and the 30th of August!

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