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Operation Heavy Mettle to allow players to remove HUD from match replays

Ubisoft has prepared new Tutorials for Rainbow Six Siege’s new players!

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Ubisoft is bringing to Rainbow Six Siege a new feature to improve the community’s experience when using Match Replays.

Match Replays update to allow players to remove HUD

Starting with Operation Heavy Mettle, Rainbow Six Siege players will be able to remove the HUD from match replays.

This will allow the players to record and create videos of their best moments in the game without having to deal with the Match Replay’s HUB, which can be very annoying some times.

What is Match Replay?

Match Replay is a spectator mode where players can watch any of their previous 12 matches in Rainbow Six Siege. It was announced at the Six Invitational 2020 and it was included in Operation Crimson Heist.

How to hide HUD in Match Replay?

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Easy! To hide Rainbow Six Siege’s HUD in Match Replay you must press the H key on your keyboard. To make it return, just press H again.

What’s coming in Operation Heavy Mettle?

The changes to Rainbow Six Siege’s Match Replay mode aren’t the only update coming to the game.

Operation Heavy Mettle’s operator is called Ram, a South Korean attacker who is joining Team Redhammer. She has a soft-breacher drone called BU-GI, which will become Sledge and Buck’s competition when it comes to creating vertical plays.

Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 8 Season 3 will also include changes to Quick Match and Unranked, now called Standard, Grim, Frost, Lesion, and more.

Here’s a look at everything that’s coming to Rainbow Six Siege with Operation Heavy Mettle! For a more detailed look, here’s everything update that’s coming to the game in the upcoming weeks:

  • Rainbow Six Siege new operator: Ram
  • Operation Heavy Mettle - How to use Ram’s gadget?
  • Quick Match 2.0 - How does it work?
  • Standard - How does it work?
  • Operation Heavy Mettle to introduce shotgun buff
  • Operation Heavy Mettle to introduce new tutorials
  • Frost Rework
  • Grim Rework
  • Lesion Rework

Moreover, Rainbow Six Siege is giving the community the chance to try out all of these features and more on the Test Server, which will open its doors on Aug. 14 – exactly, tomorrow!

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