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Grim Rework - Grim’s gadget projectile gets bounce feature

Grim’s second buff of the year is here!

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Grim is a Rainbow Six Siege operator that was released to the game with the launch of Operation Brutal Swarm.

When Ubisoft released the Singaporean operator, the developers talked wonders about Grim. The concept behind his gadget was to spot the defenders using his bees, an ability that could present Grim as an alternative to Dokkaebi, Lion, or Jackal.

Unfortunately, Grim’s initial loadout and gadget never fit Rainbow Six Siege’s meta. Despite him being a three-speed operator, his weapons and gadgets were weaker than other entry fragger operators like Ash, Iana, or Nøkk, who all have better guns and grenades or throwable devices.

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Moreover, Grim’s gadget wasn’t versatile enough and it was very difficult to use it during the round. Due to the time the gadget needed to be activated, the defenders had enough time to easily scape from his bees.

Plain and simple, Grim needed a buff – and that’s what happened in Operation Dread Factor, when Grim got a massive update.

Now, with Operation Heavy Mettle, the Singaporean operator is getting a second buff – and it’s quite good.

Second Grim Rework released in Operation Heavy Mettle

Starting with the release of Operation Heavy Mettle, Grim will be able to make his projectiles bounce. The players will be able to choose between two modes, the standard mode (which makes the mines stick on any surface) or the new mode (which makes the mines bounce).

With this new feature, Grim’s Kawan Hive Launcher versatility has been improved. Grim will be able to reach places he couldn’t reach before. He will be able to create new plays, which will elevate his position on the meta. So far, we think it’s a great change!

Operation Dread Factor - Grim’s first buff

Operation Dread Factor saw Grim’s first buff, which completely changed the Singaporean operator. Ubisoft not only decided to upgrade his Kawan Hive Launcher but the developers also got him Hard Breaching Charges and the Bailiff 410, which allow Grim to be used vertically.

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Operation Heavy Mettle’s buff to Grim should be the last change in a while for the Singaporean operator as Ubisoft will follow his progress closely.

Is Grim a good operator now?

With the updates made to Grim in Operation Dread Factor and Operation Heavy Mettle, we think Grim is in a good position in Rainbow Six Siege’s meta.

Despite Ubisoft’s changes, we don’t think the community can be bothered to adapt to this operator, as there are other characters who can do the same job while bringing smoke or fragmentation grenades.

Nevertheless, it’s clear that Grim got better if we compare it to when he was released to the game. We expect him to slowly get more common in the game’s meta and maybe even get some playtime in professional Rainbow Six Siege competitions!

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