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Frost Rework arrives with Operation Heavy Mettle - What’s changing?

Frost Rework will arrive to Rainbow Six Siege in Operation Heavy Mettle.

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Operation Heavy Mettle is coming to Rainbow Six Siege with a big update regarding Frost, whose traps will completely change in a few weeks time.

During Operation Dread Factor, Ubisoft opened the Test Server to allow players to try out Frost’s upcoming changes. However, not many players welcomed them.

Despite the community’s reactions, Frost’s rework is coming to Rainbow Six Siege with Operation Heavy Mettle.

Frost trap to be reworked with Operation Heavy Mettle

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Frost’s rework, which was announced at the Six Invitational 2023, will come to Rainbow Six Siege with the release of Operation Heavy Mettle. But, what’s changing?

Ubisoft is changing how Frost’s Welcome Mat works in Rainbow Six Siege. Starting with Operation Heavy Mettle, the attackers affected by Frost’s traps will have two options – to pull off the trap themselves or to get the help of a teammate.

When pulling off the trap without the help of a teammate, a debuff will be applied to the attacker. First, pulling off the trap will take the attacker four seconds. This will be followed by a 60-second debuff which will affect the operator’s speed, which will reduce the attacker’s running speed to walking speed. During the 60-second debuff, the attacker will leave behind a blood trail.

With this change, Ubisoft is giving the players two options: pulling off the Frost trap without the help of a teammate or waiting for someone to help the injured attacker.

Despite the changes, the injured players will still have 20 HP after surviving to Frost’s trap.

Is Frost a good operator in Rainbow Six Siege?

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Nowadays, Frost is one of the best operators in Rainbow Six Siege.

The Canadian operator’s loadout has gone through changes during the last seasons, which have ended up making her a very reliable operator.

Frost’s 9mm C1 inflicts a lot of damage as she’s able to confirm a kill with three bullets. If that wasn’t enough, her weapon can be equipped with a 1.5x scope, which is currently the best scope in Rainbow Six Siege.

Her loadout also includes the ITA 12S shotgun as a secondary weapon, which makes her a good option to open new angles of sight and rotations, and can bring one Deployable Shield – very important especially after Smoke and Alibi lost the gadget recently.

To wrap it up, Frost’s gadget forces the attackers to look down when vaulting in any window or rotation. Stepping on a trap automatically downs the enemy, which makes Frost a very useful operator to have when the attackers lack time to rush the site.

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