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What Black Ice can I pack in Rainbow Six Siege Bravo Packs?

Black Ice is the most popular skin in Rainbow Six Siege.

With Y7S1, Rainbow Six Siege launched a new type of pack: the Bravo Pack. Shortly after, Bravo Packs can only be acquired with the premium seasonal battle pass and include a long range of cosmetics, including the Black Ice.

Bravo Packs' special feature is that players can't obtain duplicates, so the chances of getting Black Ice increase pack after pack. However, Bravo Packs don't include every Black Ice in the game. So, the question is quite clear.

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What Black Ice can I pack in Bravo Packs?

The Bravo Packs collection for this season includes 22 different Black Ice skins — remember, the Black Ice isn't a universal skin! Universal skins can be used for any weapon in the game, sadly that's not the case for Siege's most prestigious cosmetic.

Surely, the two Black Ices that stand out the most are the ones for Montagne's and Blitz's shields. However, these two operators aren't common in online games, so players probably prefer getting Thermite's 556XI Black Ice, or even Valkyrie's MPX Black Ice.

These are some of the best Black Ices in the Bravo Pack collection:

Le Roc Black Ice - Montagne

Push any bombsite with style with Montagne's Black Ice, one of the only two Legendary Black Ice in the collection.

G52-Tactical Black Ice - Blitz

Lights, Camera, Action! It's Blitz time. Blind your opponents with the German's shield. The Black Ice makes it look even better!

9x19VSN Black Ice - Kapkan, Tachanka, Azami

The perfect skin for the newest operator in the game, Azami. You can also rock the skin in the Spetsnaz duo of Tachanka and Kapkan.

556XI Black Ice - Thermite

If you like playing with hard breachers, this skin is for you. The 556XI is one of the most famous weapons in the game.

MPX Black Ice - Valkyrie, Warden

The MPX is a very famous weapon in Siege as well, as Valkyrie is one of the most used operators on defense. You might want this one.

AK-12 Black Ice - Fuze, Ace

The AK-12 is one of the best guns on the attacking side. You can use it on Fuze and Ace, with the latter being a very useful operator on the current meta.

416-C Carbine Black Ice - Jäger

Yes, we know you want this one. The Carbine is one of the most-used guns in the game, so rocking this Black Ice in the game will make you look cooler. Side note, you can get a very similar skin by purchasing the Soniqs' R6 Share cosmetic.

SMG-11 Black Ice - Smoke, Mute, Amaru

If you like playing as an anchor, the SMG-11 Black Ice is a must. Will the Siege gods bless you with one?

How can I get more Black Ice skins?

These aren't all the Black Ice skins you can get. However, the only way you can get Black Ice skins is by opening packs. Both versions — Alpha Packs and Bravo Packs — can give you Black Ice skins if you are lucky.

You can get Alpha Packs by playing the game, or by spending Renown. If you are opening a pack and the flare that comes out is purple, it might be your lucky day!