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How to get Alpha Packs in Rainbow Six Siege

Alpha Packs contain cosmetics that can be equipped in any regular game mode.

Cosmetics are a very important part of Rainbow Six Siege. Although a weapon skin won’t improve your aim nor give you special powers, rocking the best cosmetics is always a fun aspect of the game for dedicated players. 

Most cosmetics can easily be purchased in the game’s store, but if you are lucky enough, Alpha Packs might save you some money. Let’s have a look at this feature!

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What are Alpha Packs?

Alpha Packs are a feature introduced back in July 2017. These are packs with cosmetics inside, including various skins that can only be obtained by opening them. The best example is the Black Ice skins, which can’t be purchased in the in-game store.

How are Alpha Packs divided?

Alpha Packs are divided into different categories, which include Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Let’s have a look at all of them:

  • Common and Uncommon - When you unzip the pack, these appear to have a white or green flare. Honestly, these aren’t exactly the cosmetics you want to get when opening a pack.
  • Rare - The fun starts here. Anything below this point might be a good item to rock in your games, although there’s no accounting for taste.
  • Epic - These mainly are skins that can be bought in the in-game store. When you see that purple flare, you quickly get excited because it might be a Black Ice. 
  • Legendary - These include some of the most desired items. When you open a legendary pack, the flare that comes out of it is golden. 

How to get Alpha packs?

There are many ways to get Alpha Packs. Let’s go through all of them! 

Purchasing Alpha Packs with Renown

Alpha Packs can only be purchased by spending Renown, so forget about buying R6 Credits in order to get more. 

Each pack costs 5000 Renown, and the game includes three different bundles that include five, 25, and 50 packs each. These are the prices for each bundle:

  • Five Alpha Packs: 25000 Renown
  • 25 Alpha Packs: 112000 Renown
  • 50 Alpha Packs: 200000 Renown

Although there is no difference between buying five packs individually than purchasing the bundle of five, there is a difference of 13000 Renown between buying the bundle of 25 packs and purchasing them separately. The same happens to the 50 Alpha Packs bundle, as the difference is 50.000 Renown. So be smart and think before purchasing them!

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Keep in mind that the Alpha Pack price will drop a 10% if you own a Premium Battle Pass. This also applies for every cosmetic in Rainbow Six Siege's in-game store!

Playing and winning games

Ever wondered what that spinning thing is that you see once you have won a match? Well, that's a loot roll — and if you're lucky enough, an Alpha Pack will come out of it. 

As we just mentioned, this will only spin if you win the match. If not, the only thing that will change is the number of chances you'll have the next time you win a match.  These will increase in different numbers, depending on if you're playing a casual, unranked, or ranked match. 

This might take some time, but it is the only completely free method to obtain Alpha Packs on a regular basis.

Battle Pass Alpha Packs

Last but not least, it is worth noting that there are Alpha Packs that can be found in the High Caliber Battle Pass. Users that don't purchase the Premium version of the Battle Pass can win up to 12 Alpha Packs, divided into six Rare Alpha Packs, five Epic Alpha Packs, and one Legendary Alpha Pack.

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Meanwhile, users that purchased this season's premium version of the Battle Pass, will add seven Rare Alpha Packs, eight Epic Alpha Packs, and four Lendendary Alpha Packs to that list.

Also, once you reach the Battle Pass' Tier 100, players will obtain an Alpha Pack every five tiers. So, starting with a Rare Alpha Pack in Tier 105, players will receive an Epic Alpha Pack in Tier 110, and a Legendary in Tier 115, and so on.

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