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What's in Bravo Packs?

Bravo Packs are Rainbow Six Siege's latest sensation.

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Alpha Packs are one of Rainbow Six Siege's most well-known features. By opening them, players obtain cosmetics that can be used in the game. Sounds cool, right?

Well, Alpha Packs might sound great, but there is a big flaw in them: You can get duplicates. When that happens, you are awarded renown depending on the tier of the item that comes out of the pack.

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People have been complaining about this since the launch of Alpha Packs. To solve that problem, Ubisoft has created a new type of pack called Bravo Pack.

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What's in Bravo Packs?

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Bravo Packs contain up to 150 different items in the game. There are some differences if we compare them with Alpha Packs.

First, forget about duplicates. Those aren't a thing in Bravo Packs. Once you own a cosmetic, it won't appear in future Bravo Pack openings. With this feature, Ubisoft gives an alternative to duplicates, which isn't a solution at all as players will still get them in Alpha Packs.

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Second, Bravo Packs can get you Black Ice for new weapons. Only the first year and some other operators' weapons were eligible to have this skin, but that has changed with the introduction of Bravo Packs.

It is also worth noting that an icon will appear on the screen's top-right corner once you open a Bravo Pack. The number below indicates how many skins have you packed from the Bravo Pack list. If by any chance you own all the 150 items, you will be given Battle Pass points.

How can I unlock Bravo Packs?

Bravo Packs are rare and can only be unlocked by first purchasing the Premium Battle Pass. Once you own the Premium Battle Pass, you will unlock Bravo Packs by unlocking the Premium Battle Pass tiers.

Operation Demon Veil Premium Battle Pass gives you access to 20 Bravo Packs — 20 shots at getting some of the best cosmetics in the game.

Bravo Packs Collection

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For more information about what can you pack in a Bravo Pack, we encourage you to check the Bravo Pack Collection.

There, you will find a long list with all of the cosmetics that you can pack in a Bravo Pack. It includes a wide range of skins, which goes from headgear to charms.

Of course, you will also be able to see what Black Ice skins can you get from Bravo Packs. Spoiler, the list is quite long!

Battle Pass Token

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In Year 8, Ubisoft released a new feature in Bravo Packs.

From now on, Premium Battle Pass owners will be able to use a Battle Pass Token to claim any cosmetic included in the Bravo Packs Collection.

This feature was included in Year 8 to motivate the players to purchase and complete the Premium Battle Pass. If you have seen an item on the Bravo Packs Collection List, go ahead and try to complete the 100 tiers to claim your reward!

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