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How do I get the Rainbow Six Siege battle pass?

Make sure to grab that battle pass ASAP. Or don't. Your call really.

Image via Ubisoft/Joao Ferrerria 

There are two ways you can get through the battle pass: the free track or the premium track. 

If you're not planning on shelling out money, congrats... You can obtain the battle pass by simply logging into Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. The free track is available to everyone, and there's no need to find where to activate it. It activates automatically. 

How to find the premium track battle pass in Rainbow Six Siege

The premium track is a bit difficult to find. You'd think it would be in the Shop section, but it isn't. It's in the battle pass section itself, you can find it there. 

Where do I buy the Rainbow Six Siege battle pass?

Go to the battle pass and find the purchase button. From there, it's easy — you just need $10 and you can get access to the premium track of the battle pass. 

This method for purchasing the battle pass will be the same throughout every single season. 

Will the premium battle pass unlock all the R6 cosmetics?

Have no fear about waiting to purchase the battle pass, either. Once you purchase the battle pass, all the awards that you would've received will be credited to your account. So, if you think you won't have enough time to complete it, stay with the free track for now. If you find that you completed enough of the battle pass to warrant a purchase, you can always purchase it after the fact. 

Getting through the battle pass requires a bit of technique. Don't miss our guide to get through the battlepass quickly!

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