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What are Bravo Packs? Rainbow Six Siege's new packs are here!

These will coexist with the Alpha Packs.

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Rainbow Six Siege's new cosmetic packs are here! The Bravo Packs will coexist with the famous Alpha Packs. However, there are many differences between both.

While Alpha Packs are obtainable in the Battle Pass, by playing matches, or by purchasing them with Renown, Bravo Packs will only be unlocked by completing Premium Battle Pass tiers. Bravo Packs also include no duplicates!

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What are Rainbow Six Siege Bravo Packs?

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Bravo Packs are Rainbow Six Siege bags that contain cosmetics, which include weapon skins, headgears, charms, or uniforms.

As we previously mentioned, items that you pack in the Bravo Packs won't appear in the future as these don't include duplicates. This means that chances to get your preferred gun skins will just rise by opening them.

Bravo Packs include some of the most famous skins in the game, including the Black Ice!

How can I get more Bravo Packs in Rainbow 6 Siege?

Bravo Packs can only be obtained by completing Premium Battle Pass tiers. This means that you won't have access to them unless you unlock the Premium version of the seasonal Battle Pass.

Looking at Operation Demon Veil's Battlepass, Premium users will have access to up to 20 Bravo Packs.

In the future, we could see other ways to obtain them. However, right now, this is the only way to get our hands on them.

What do Bravo Packs include?

So far, we have opened five of them. This is what we got:


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This skin is exclusive for Caveira and is considered to be an Epic weapon skin. Honestly, not what you expect when the pack's color is purple.

Kawaii Taco

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On one hand, cute charm. On the other hand, it's a charm. Let's be honest, when you open a pack, you don't look for a charm. It is what it is though.

Myriad Mute

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Another charm and this one isn't even cute! Will rarely use it... Maybe even never.


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Jäger cosmetics are always welcomed, but this one... Let's say it's not the best.

Coliseum Polimer

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Overall, my luck wasn't the greatest. Another Epic weapon skin, I will take it considering the previous items obtained.

Despite luck not being on my side today, I promise you that Bravo Packs are here to stay. The rewards that can be obtained through them are stunning and with time you will eventually get some really good cosmetics!

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