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Why is the Black Ice skin so popular in Rainbow Six Siege?

All about the rare, desirable skin.

When people think of the "best" or "most popular" Rainbow Six Siege weapon skins, the Black Ice skin always comes to mind. It's even on our own list of best Rainbow Six Siege gun skins

But why? Why is Black Ice such a coveted and special skin in Rainbow Six Siege? 

Well, the Black Ice skin is rare and hard to get. That makes it very desirable. It's quite a rush to enter a match with such a rare skin to show off. That alone makes the Black Ice one of the most iconic skins in the game. It shows that you are dedicated to Rainbow Six Siege and willing to grind the game to get the Black Ice weapon skin. 

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How do you get the Black Ice weapon skin in Rainbow Six Siege?

Unlike many weapon skins in Rainbow Six Siege, Black Ice is not able to be purchased via any kind of currency. Instead, it's only available in Alpha Packs. 

But it's not as simple as opening an Alpha Pack. The Black Ice weapon skin is one of the rarest items in the Alpha Pack, meaning there's only a 1 out of 100 chance that you will open a pack with this special skin.

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So this means you have to buy a LOT of Alpha Packs to finally get the Black Ice skin. Players have to grind for hours to get Renown to purchase these loot boxes. 

There is no denying that Black Ice is tough to get your hands on. That alone makes it a very desirable weapon skin. 

What is the Black Ice weapon skin? 

Black Ice isn't just hard to get, it's iconic. That's another reason this weapon skin is one that tops weapon skin lists all over the internet. 

Black Ice was a seasonal skin from Rainbow Six Siege's first-ever expansion, Operation: Black Ice. 

Operation: Black Ice introduced two new operators, Buck and Frost. A new map, Yacht, also dropped. New weapons were also added to Rainbow Six SIege: C8-SFW, CAMRS, Super 90, 9mm C1, and the Mk1 9mm. 

Is Black Ice an overrated skin?

Although Black Ice is the most popular cosmetic in Rainbow Six Siege, some people think Black Ice is an overrated skin.

Before, people could only get Black Ice cosmetics with Alpha Packs. Now, with Bravo Packs and Bravo Picks, the odds to get a Black Ice are higher than ever before. That's why some people think the Black Ice is overrated -- it's not unique anymore.

Nevertheless, the Black Ice is a beautiful cosmetic, and it will always be. It's up to you to decide if it's worth using it nowadays in Rainbow Six Siege!

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