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Rengoku Event

Learn more about the Rengoku Event here.

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Earlier this summer, Rainbow Six Siege re-introduced the Rengoku time-limited event to the game. It was first released last year and the community welcomed it with open arms.

Creating time-limited events in Rainbow Six Siege is very important as it gives a different personality to the game for three weeks. It's no secret that Ubisoft has focused most of its efforts to this matter recently, as Operation Dread Factor has seen the definitive stay of Arcade Play Lists.

With Arcade Play Lists staying undefinetely and the appearance of time-limited game modes, Rainbow Six Siege feels fresher than ever before. But, how good is Rainbow Six Siege's Rengoku Event?

What is the Rengoku Event in Rainbow Six Siege?

Rainbow Six Siege's Rengoku Event is a time-limited event launched during Operation Dread Factor. It was released on Jun. 28 and it will be in the game until Jul. 19.

Rengoku Event - Format

The Rengoku Event follows a Team Deathmatch format. If you die, you will be able to respawn three seconds later.

However, there are some differences. In Rengoku Event, teams must get kills and capture Altars to get points. The first team to get to 300 points wins. In the case no team reaches 300 points, the team with the most points wins.

Rengoku Event - Guns

In Rengoku Event, players can only choose from four weapons: the SPAS-12, the SG-CQB, the Supershorty, and the Bailiff 410.

Rengoku Event - Kunais

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Moreover, every operator has access to a device, called Kunai. Each Kunai has a different ability. On top of that, these can be used to kill enemies. However, you must have great aiming skills!

Rengoku Event brings a new Skyscraper

Rainbow Six Siege's Rengoku Event is played on a special version of Skyscraper. Although it's not very different to the one used on Ranked, the developers added some extra hatches leading to more gunfights.

Rengoku Event - Operators

In Rainbow Six Siege's Rengoku Event, operators have special names. While attackers are known as The Devoted, defenders are known as The Possessed.

Here's each operator that you can use and its Rengoku name:

Rengoku Event - Skins and Bundles

Most of Rengoku Event's Bundles were launched for the first time in 2022, when the time-limited playlist was firstly released. In 2023, Ubisoft added some extra bundles.

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Twitch's Rengoku Bundle is one of the most popular in the event. Its golden color shades make it a very special set of cosmetics. However, Twitch already has many cosmetics, so you will probably find a better one than this.

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Zofia's Rengoku Bundle was possibly the best last year. Nevertheless, just like Twitch, Zofia's most popular bundle was created by Ikuma Nakamura in 2022.

Undoubtedly, Rengoku Event's best bundle is Hibana's Bundle. It includes various cosmetics including a 3D weapon skin and one of the best headgears ever released in Rainbow Six Siege.

Here's more information about Hibana's Rengoku Event Bundle, one you must check out!

Rengoku Event - Packs

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But, how to get these beautiful skins?

Well, although you can purchase the Rengoku Event packs with R6 Credits and Renown, you can also get packs by completing challenges.

Here are the prices for the packs found in the Rengoku Event:

  • 1 Pack: 300 R6 Credits or 12,500 Renown
  • 4 Packs: 1,200 R6 Credits or 50,000 Renown
  • 8 Packs: 2,400 R6 Credits or 100,000 Renown
  • 16 Packs: 4,800 R6 Credits or 200,000 Renown
  • 39 Packs: 11,700 R6 Credits or 487,500 Renown

For more information about it, make sure to check out our article on how to get Rengoku Event packs easily!

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