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Hibana's Rengoku Event bundle amazes Siege community

Hibana's Rengoku Event Bundle is great!

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Lots of Rainbow Six Siege's items are famous, with Elite Bundles, Black Ices, and R6 Share cosmetics being the most popular skins on the game. Nevertheless, some players find these boring as everyone ends up getting them.

If that's your case, cosmetics included in time-limited game modes may be your best shot at feeling unique while playing Rainbow Six Siege.

Now is the best time to try out this idea. Operation Dread Factor's time-limited game mode is the Rengoku special event, which includes some of the greatest cosmetics the players have seen in the last months.

More precisely, the community is talking about Hibana's Bundle. Here's why!

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Hibana Rengoku Bundle

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Hibana's Rengoku Bundle is called Hibana Smoldering Bundle. It combines red, yellow, and orange shades, which often appeal the players.

This bundle includes multiple items, which we have listed below!

Purgation Firebrand

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Full of details (some of them in 3D!) the Purgation Firebrand is now one of the best skins in Rainbow Six Siege. Most of the players wished this was a universal gun cosmetic!

Incandescent Rage

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Sometimes, an operator bundle outstands the rest because of just one item. Clearly, this isn't the case. The Incandescent Rage weapon skin for the Bearing 9 has nothing to envy to the Purgation Firebrand!

Hopelessness Incarnate

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Hopelessness Incarnate is Hibana's new Legendary headgear. It feels unique, and it fits the vibes of Rengoku's game mode. Great one!

Aberrant Menace

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Finally, Hibana's Rengoku Bundle includes an operator card portrait. It's pure fire, as you can clearly see on the picture. Hibana's uniform tops off the bundle.

Is Siege's Rengoku game mode good?

Yes, we think Rainbow Six Siege's game mode Rengoku is very good.

Thise Team Deathmatch game mode makes you get the best out of your loadout. Moreover, the Kunais' abilities make each experience very unique.

Players must use their shotguns to kill the opponents. However, keep in mind that killing with fire weapons is very difficult in Rengoku, so you will have to use the Kunais to kill the enemies!

On top of that, the game mode follows a capture the flag format, where the teams must make sure to capture three zones on the Skyscraper map. The first team to get to 300 points wins!

Rengoku's uniqueness, abilities, and adaptation of Skyscraper makes it worth it to spend a couple of hours trying out Rainbow Six Siege's time-limited game mode. We highly encourage you to play it!

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