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Deployable Shield

The Deployable Shield is one of the best gadgets in Rainbow Six Siege.

deployable shields siege

The Deployable Shield is a defensive gadget in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. It's only accessible to some defenders in the game. Although its main purpose is to create extra cover, the Deployable Shield can be combined with other devices.

Rainbow Six Siege's Deployable Shield is a bulletproof gadget. This means that operators can't destroy this gadget by shooting at it.

Here's more information about how to use the Deployable Shield and how to deal with it!

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Deployable Shield - How to use

Using Rainbow Six Siege's Deployable Shield may look easy, but it's not. While you can place Deployable Shields whenever you want, you must use them wisely.

Deployable Shields and utility

Deployable Shields are useful when they are combined with gadgets that can burn or intercept the enemies' utility, as the attackers will try to destroy it with fragmentation grenades or projectiles like Ash's or Zofia's.

For instance, a Deployable Shield combined with Jäger or Wamai's devices will likely last longer than a Deployable Shield alone.

Deployable Shields and traps

Another synergy that involves Deployable Shields is traps. It's very common to see Deployable Shields combined with Frost's Welcome Mats, which not only forces the attacker to vault but also forces the attacker to look down.

Deployable Shields and doors

At the same time, Deployable Shields can be very useful when attached to doors as the attackers must vault the gadget to get in the room.

Deployable Shields' glass

Deployable Shields include small pieces of glass that are see-through. Operators can use them like small Mira windows, which can give the defender an advantage against attackers in medium-long distance gunfights.

Who has a Deployable Shield in Rainbow Six Siege?

Here's every operator that has access to a Deployable Shield following the arrival of Operation Heavy Mettle:

Deployable Shield - How to counter

Deployable Shields have many counters in Rainbow Six Siege, including the following:

  • Explosives, including fragmentation grenades and projectiles like Ash's Breaching Rounds and Zofia's KS79 Lifeline's Impact Grenades.
  • Kali's LV Lances.
  • Ace's S.E.L.M.As.
  • Flores' RCE-RATERO.
  • Fuze's Cluster Charges.
  • Hibana's X-KAIRO pellets.
  • Thermite's Exothermic Charges.
  • Sledge's Hammer.
  • Maverick's Breaching Torch.

At the same time, explosions produced by Claymores, Breaching Charges, or even C4s and Impact Grenades, can also destroy Deployable Shields.

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