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These are the best Rainbow Six Siege operator abilities

Rainbow Six Siege has plenty of unique abilities, but which are the best ones?

Banner image: Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege is like a chess game, all of its pieces having different roles. Each operator in Siege has their own ability, making them special from the rest. 

Today, we are exploring some of the strongest abilities in the current meta. We have picked three from each side — defender and attacker. This means that many good gadgets haven't been included, like Echo's Yokai Drones or Flores RCE-Ratero charges.

Mira - Black Window

Mira's Black Window is op for obvious reasons: it is made of an opaque material, which makes a side see-through while the other side is black.

Although the Black Window has been tweaked in recent times, it's still a very overpowered gadget in some setups. If not banned, Mira can be very useful in maps such as Clubhouse, Oregon, or Kafe.

Valkyrie - Black Eye

Yes, we know Valkyrie's Black Eye has been nerfed recently. Yes, we know her cameras lose signal if they are thrown to the outside. However, the Black Eye is the reason why she is banned so often. The information he provides to her teammates is priceless and can change the course of any round. 

Smoke - Smoke Canister

Smoke's special canisters are very powerful. The smoke freed by each one of his canisters will last in the air for 10 seconds. That means, he can block a door from the attackers for 30 seconds — which can be substantial if we are talking of the end of the round. 

Jäger - ADS

Jäger's ADSs have been in the game since day one, but they are still very, very important. Some lineups include both Jäger and Wamai, as they can neutralize much of the attacker's utility. ADSs can catch any kind of projectile, grenade, or even unique operator gadgets such as Ace's SELMAs.

Thatcher - EMP

Thatcher is the most banned operator in professional competitions, and this tool is the reason behind it. 

Thatcher's unique gadget is the EMP grenade, which is thrown to deactivate any defending gadget nearby. With it, attackers can't deactivate Bandit's batteries, Mute's jammers, Kaid's Electroclaws, and Jäger's ADSs, among many others.

He's a very powerful attacker. Players might not want to use him because he is a support, but if he's not banned, go for it: Thatcher will give you a huge advantage. 

Zofia - KS79 Lifeline

With two explosive projectiles and two stun projectiles, the KS79 Lifeline is especially useful to get rid of bulletproof gadgets and to trigger defender special devices such as Jäger's or Wamai's. Combined with her LMG, Zofia is now one of the most meta operators in the game. 

Nomad - Air Jab

Nomad's Air Jab is one of the most useful gadgets on the attack. Although it's not a deadly device, the Air Jab acts like a Claymore: they prevent the defenders from playing aggressively.

Air Jab's stick to walls and, when triggered, these take down any operator in its range of action. The device is perfect to prevent defenders from flanking, jumping out, or running out.

Maverick - Breaching Torch

Last but definitely not least, we have Maverick's Breaching Torch. He is one of the most used gadgets to take Thatcher's role when he is banned. Maverick can open small holes to reinforced surfaces, regardless of the possible presence of electric batteries or any kind of jammer. He can also open a big wall or even a hatch. You just need to know how to be patient. 

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