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Operation Heavy Mettle - How to use Ram’s gadget?

Ram is Rainbow Six Siege’s new operator.

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Ubisoft has finally revealed all of the details regarding Operation Heavy Mettle, Rainbow Six Siege’s upcoming season. With it, Ram will join Team Redhammer as the third South Korean operator in the game.

Ram’s gadget has impressed everyone, however, how are players supposed to use the Bu-Gi Auto Breacher?

Here’s everything you need to know about Ram’s special ability!

Ram’s Bu-Gi is a nightmare to destroy

Ram’s Bu-Gi Auto Breacher is a bulletproof gadget, which means defenders can’t destroy it by shooting the device. The only way to destroy it with bullets is by aiming at the red box located at the back of the drone, which is quite difficult to hit. This means that defenders will be required to use explosives to destroy the Bu-Gis.

Ram’s Bu-Gi feels a bit clumsy

As explained in today’s Operation Heavy Mettle reveal, the Bu-Gi Auto Breacher is the biggest gadget in the game. For instance, it may be a bit difficult to use it on some surfaces.

For example, the VIP room floor on Coastline is often destroyed by soft breachers. While using Ram there may feel like a great idea, the sofa in the middle of the room and the furniture may make it difficult for the drone to move around. In this case, Sledge could be the best fit for vertical plays to Kitchen’s Bomb.

However, that doesn’t kill Ram. She could be still used in the VIP Room, but it would technically take her too much utility to destroy the ceiling, and could not have enough to do the same job on Penthouse.

On the opposite, Clubhouse is a map that could fit Ram, especially when attacking the basement. Using two Bu-Gis for the kitchen and one or two for the corridor could get rid of almost the entire destructible ceiling of Armory and connector. Moreover, Deployable Shields and Castle barricades are widely used on Clubhouse.

Another example could be Kafe when attacking Kitchen. Keep in mind that Ram’s Bu-Gi also destroys the upper part of the non-reinforced walls of the floor behind her, so that can be used to create different angles of sight!

Ram’s Bu-Gi is very loud

Ram’s Bu-Gi Auto Breacher is noisy – when we say noisy we mean extremely loud. It feels like someone has invaded your headsets and started construction work in them. Is that necessarily bad? Well, it depends on how well you play your cards.

Rainbow Six Siege is a game where sound plays an important part in the income of a round. Sound can reveal a lot of information for both sides, including the position of the enemies, the gadgets they bring, and even the operators they selected.

Bringing the Bu-Gi Auto Breacher could be used to overlap noises, so the defenders couldn’t use the noise to their advantage. This is definitely something that players will be looking to discover when the Test Server is released!

Ram’s Bu-Gi doesn’t expose the attacker

Although the gadget is extremely loud and reveals her position, there’s another positive aspect of its noise.

Unlike Sledge and Buck, Ram can use her weapons while her gadget is active. This is extremely good for Ram, who can use her Bu-Gi Auto Breacher to bait defenders. While her drone is working, she can peek a wall as a defender could try to flank the attacker.

As we mentioned earlier, noise is very important in Rainbow Six Siege. However, unlike Sledge, Buck, or even Fuze, their gadgets have to be deployed or used constantly, exposing them to late flanks. Meanwhile, Ram has to throw the drone and activate it.

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