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Y8S1.2 Designer's Notes - Oryx and Kapkan lose 1.5x sight, Tachanka's number of projectiles increased, and more

Here you have everything you need to know about the upcoming changes that will come to Rainbow Six Siege.

Banner image: Ubisoft

Earlier today, Rainbow Six Siege announced the changes that will affect some of the operators in the game in the mid-season patch of Y8S1.

Ubisoft is introducing these changes to balance the situation of some of the operators in the game. Most of these tweaks will have an impact on some of the most-played operators in Rainbow Six Siege.

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Attacking Win Delta

Right now, Iana is the most popular operator in the game, as she has been picked in almost 70% of the rounds played on PC on Emerald and above.

It's also worth noting Ash and Ace's presence, who are the next two behind Iana. Ironically, Amaru has the best win delta, while Sens has the worst presence delta.

Defensive Win Delta

Meanwhile, on defense, Oryx's presence is above the 60% mark. Mozzie, Jäger, and Kapkan follow him.

Most of the changes introduced with the Y8S1.2 update target Kapkan and Oryx, who have lost their 1.5x sights.

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Capitao's Smoke Darts duration has been extended from nine to eleven seconds.


Kapkan will lose the 1.5x sight for his 9x19VSN.


Oryx will lose the 1.5x sight for his T-5. He has had it since Ubisoft replaced his previous MP5 with his current T-5, a change that took place during Year 5.


Wamai will get a 1.5x sight for his MP5K. He shares this gun with Mute, an operator who already could equip this sight.


Tachanka's gadget, the Shumikha Launcher, will go through some tweaks. His ammunition has been increased from 14 to 20. Moreover, its magazine size has been decreased from seven to five.

On top of that, Ubisoft has given Tachanka a 1.5x sight for the Russian's 9x19VSN.

According to Ubisoft's official article, the changes to the Shumikha Launcher will be introduced to make Tachanka a viable option to play instead of Smoke or Goyo. Ubisoft's main goal is to "focus on improving how long he can deny an area," which now ascends to 140 seconds.

Extended Barrel

The Extended Barrel damage bonus has been reduced from 15% to 12%.

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