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Operation Solar Raid Accessibility Changes: How to change Team Colors?

How to change Team Colors in Rainbow Six Siege?

Two days ago, at the Jönköping Major, Ubisoft unveiled the upcoming season of Rainbow Six Siege, Operation Solar Raid.

Operation Solar Raid will bring multiple changes to Rainbow Six Siege, including:

And many more features! To have a look at all of them, check out our Operation Solar Raid informative article.

With all these massive changes to the game, we have also updates regarding the improvement to Rainbow Six Siege's accessibility.

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Siege Device Colors to change based on Team Colors

Recently, Rainbow Six Siege gave players the option of changing the Optic Color. The community welcomed the change and played around with the new feature throughout the following months. Players were also allowed to change the color of the teams, including Orange, Red, and Blue.

Now, color devices will also change depending on what side they belong to.

So, if you chose Orange as your team's color, friendly devices will display an orange light. The same happens with enemies. If your opponents are Team Red, their devices will display a red light.

How to change Team Colors in Rainbow Six Siege?

To change Team Colors in Rainbow Six Siege, players must go to Accessibility. To get to the menu, follow the next steps:

  • In the middle of a match, press your ESC key.
  • Then, go to Options.
  • Once you are there, click on Accessibility.
  • There, you must scroll down to Team Colors. You will be able to choose from Blue, Orange, and Red. Keep in mind that both teams can't use the same color.

Will there be new Team Colors in Rainbow Six Siege?

It's not clear if there will be new colors released in upcoming seasons, but according to Ubisoft's announcement, there should be more on the way. In the announcement, the developers said "starting with three colors", which teases the possibility of seeing new colors in the near future.

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