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Rainbow Six Siege Operation Solar Raid new map: Nighthaven Labs

Operation Solar Raid's new map is Nighthaven Labs.

Welcome to Nighthaven Labs! Nighthaven Labs is Rainbow Six Siege's new map, introduced to the game alongside the new expansion called Operation Solar Raid. Many new features will be added to Rainbow Six Siege with the upcoming patch, including a new operator, Solis, changes to the Ranked mode, and many more.

In this article, we will focus on the new map Nighthaven Labs. It was first expected to drop to the game with the release of Operation Brutal Swarm. However, after the developers considered the map wasn't ready to hit the live build yet, Ubisoft decided to push it back. Now, the map located in Singapore will finally see the light of day.

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Nighthaven Labs

Nighthaven Labs is a map that gives us some hard Coastline, Outback, and Kanal vibes. It's located on what looks like an island and the building is next to the shore. 

As the name tells us, this is the headquarters of Rainbow Six Siege's faction Nighthaven. The inside of the building is very futuristic, and the aesthetic may look like the one seen in the map Tower. However, it's quite different from it.

Nighthaven Lab map structure

Nighthaven Lab Basement

First, Nighthaven Labs has a basement. Defenders will be able to defend a bomb site there, as one of the bomb sites has a wall that connects to the outdoors. It has plenty of breakable indoor walls, but it remains unclear if the ceiling is soft or hard. In case it's soft, attackers may have the upper hand.

It seems like the basement's bomb site won't have a breakable wall between both bombs, which may make it unviable for defenders. One of the outdoor breakable doors leads to one of the sites, which may leave the defenders very exposed.

Nighthaven Lab First Floor

Meanwhile, the first floor is bigger. Two bomb sites will be located on that part of the map, with both having breakable walls that can connect the sites. 

The site called "Cafeteria/Kitchen" may be the best to defend on the map, although that will depend on when attackers are allowed to plant -- Bomb A's site is quite big with various points of entrance, corners, and angles, making it very difficult to defend. 

Finally, the second floor has another bomb site. Overall, the second floor looks quite big, just like the first one. It has two breakable doors that lead to the outside.

What operators to play in Nighthaven Lab

By looking at the map, it feels like breachers will be an important part. Depending on the floors and ceilings' characteristics, soft breachers like Buck and Sledge may have an important saying in the attacking lineups. Hard breachers will probably be a must, making Thermite, Hibana, Ace, and Maverick four of the most important operators there.

If hard breachers are important, then Kaid, Bandit, and Mute will be important for defenders as well. On top of that, the size of the map makes it easier to roam on it. Both roamers, entries, and roam-clearers will be very needed.

Operator Solar Raid is coming out on Dec. 6, but the changes will be tried out on the Test Server, which will come out today! So, what are you waiting for?

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