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Operation Solar Raid introduces drone customization to Rainbow Six Siege

Siege drones can now be customized!

Droning is a key feature in Rainbow Six Siege. A hidden drone in a room, especially with the Yellow Ping feature, can change the course of any round. 

Everything in Siege is based on information, so knowing how to use these little devices is important. 

With the launch of Operation Solar Raid, players will be able to customize how their drones look. Special drone skins will be added to Rainbow Six Siege, with the idea brought up by the community after the release of the time-limited game mode Rainbow Six is Magic.

All of the new Operation Solar Raid features were made official today on the first day of the Jönköping Major, as the 16 best teams of the Stage 3 are now facing off in Sweden for a chance to win the championship.

For more information on Operation Solar Raid, check out our full article about Rainbow Six Siege's upcoming operation.

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Siege's Operation Solar Raid introduces Drone Skins

Image via Ubisoft North America.

Drone skins have finally made it in Rainbow Six Siege! It is still unclear how many will be launched with Operation Solar Raid, but (according to Ubisoft) these will be obtained by playing game modes and, eventually, will also be found in the game's store.

In today's announcement, Rainbow Six Siege's video clearly shows a customized Ghosteyes drone. We could see these brand-new cosmetics in the rebuilt Battle Pass, or even in this season's time-limited event. The opportunities are endless!

Best Siege operators with drones

In Rainbow Six Siege, only attackers have access to drones -- with Mozzie's hacked drones and Yokai's special gadgets being the only exceptions. 

While the majority of attackers have two drones, there are two operators with special gadgets: Twitch and Flores.

Twitch's special drone is the Shock Drone. She has access to two Shock Drones, which have a taser that can destroy defender gadgets including Jäger ADSs, Valkyrie cameras, Bandit batteries, and Mute jammers, among many others. She also has access to one standard drone.

Meanwhile, Flores has access to two standard drones and four (yes, four!) special drones called RCE-Ratero Charge. These drones can be used for a maximum of 10 seconds, and explode when Flores gives the final call. The explosion can destroy any defender gadget regardless of its condition. It can also work as an intel gatherer drone and as a deadly drone -- an explosion can kill a distracted defender!

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