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What is the Yellow Ping in Rainbow Six Siege?

Yellow Ping is a controversial feature in Siege.

Banner image: Ubisoft

With the launch of Operation Shadow Legacy, the game changed. Rainbow Six Siege introduced a series of features that completely changed the meta. 

One of these features was Ping 2.0, a new pinging system that aims at giving players an easier and quicker way to give information. 

Although the intentions behind Ping 2.0 are fair, it included a very controversial feature that still gives plenty to talk about: the yellow ping. 

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What is the Yellow Ping in Rainbow Six Siege?

Rainbow Six Siege's Yellow Ping is a special pinging system that dead or alive players can use to ping opponent locations without them knowing. 

When pinging an opponent, players have two options: the red ping and the yellow ping. While the red ping reveals the exact position of the player, the opposition will be aware of it as a message will be displayed in the middle of its screen. Meanwhile, although yellow ping isn't that precise, it's instant — you don't have to hold a key, you just have to press it — and silent as the opposition isn't aware of the ping. 

So, on paper, it gives a huge advantage to the team that's using the yellow ping, an advantage that many consider to be unfair as the victim doesn't have any way to counter it. 

Yellow Ping is often used to ping opponents that you can kill from the opposite floor. For example, it is very common to see players exploiting the system, using it to throw grenades to the exact position of the opponent. Operators like Buck or Sledge can also benefit from yellow ping, as it puts them at an advantage in vertical plays. 

In order to take advantage of it, you must drone first. Leave your drones in the best spots possible. This will also give your teammates the chance to give you calls by using yellow pings: defenders won't know they have been detected. 

The same happens with defenders. Operators like Valkyrie, Echo, Maestro, or any operator with a bulletproof camera can be a game-changer. That's one of the reasons why Valkyrie is so banned in professional matches. 

What is Ping 2.0 in R6 Siege?

Ping 2.0 is a feature included in Rainbow Six Siege to ping opposition gadgets more clearly. With this feature, players can now ping gadgets, such as Kapkan traps, Claymores, etc. 

When pinging a gadget, the operator will also be unveiled. For example, pinging an Air Jab will give defenders the information that the opponents are using Nomad. Pinging a Kapkan trap will give attackers the information that there's a Kapkan in the defender's lineup. 

Overall, people are happy with Ping 2.0 — with the exception of the yellow ping. It has led to many desperate situations and players don't like it. Or, better said, players don't like to die due to a yellow ping but, at the same time, have the ability to exploit the system when having the chance. It is do-or-die.