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How to change FOV in Rainbow Six Siege

With the launch of the Y7S1.2 patch, console players can change their FOV too.

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Despite Rainbow Six Siege balancing operators the same way regardless of the platform, there have always been gameplay differences between the PC version and the console version.

For example, PC players can lean without aiming, while console players must aim to lean. Such a small difference makes the experience truly different depending on the platform you play Siege with.

Another difference could be found in the field of view of the players — the area that players can see in the game, also referred to as FOV. Before Rainbow Six Siege's latest patch, console players could only play on 60 FOV. Meanwhile, PC players could play up to 90 FOV. Now, FOV isn't a problem anymore for console players.

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How to change FOV in Rainbow Six Siege

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Changing FOV isn't a difficult task in Rainbow Six Siege. You can even change it in the middle of a match.

In order to change your FOV, you must head to "Options" and go to "Display." Scroll down to Field of View. You will be able to choose a number from 60 to 90 — we highly encourage you to play on 90 FOV!

How does FOV affect the player's experience in Rainbow Six Siege?

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When installing Rainbow Six Siege, 60 FOV is the default option in the game. The field of view is really small, clearly focused on what you have in front of you.

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Meanwhile, 90 FOV is completely different. It's almost a new reality. Playing in this field of view will allow you to see many corners at the same time — angles that you can't see if you use a FOV of 60.

For example, looking at the pictures of Osa in the new map Emerald Plains above: In the 60 FOV picture, you can barely see the three doors in Fireplace. However, in the 90 FOV picture, Osa can clearly see the three doors, and can also see part of the second floor.

If a defender is dropping from there, the user playing on 90 FOV will be able to see the opposition jumping from the second floor. Playing on 90 FOV is a must for competitive players.

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