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Emerald Plains is now available in Rainbow Six Siege

And in ranked?

Rainbow Six Siege has finally released a new map after three years with the same map pool. 

"The new map Emerald Plains is available now! Experience the rolling hills of Northern Ireland in this brand-new country club and private ranch. It's all yours to explore now!" Rainbow Six Siege's official Twitter account declared on April 19. 

Emerald Plains was dropped along with the Y7S1.2 patch, along with some big operator and weapon changes. Unfortunately, some players had to wait longer than others, with Xbox experiencing some issues with the update. Others have been complaining about the patch's release time, which was in the middle of the night for some and happened while servers were down. 

"How am I going to 'explore' if servers aren't working?" asked one person. 

The biggest complaint, however, is that Emerald Plains is already in the ranked map pool. This means that the just-released map can be played on during ranked games. This has been seen as very concerning for competitive players who feel the general public needs time to test on the map before this is a possibility. 

Despite some of the setbacks, the overall response to Emerald Plains has been positive. People enjoy playing on the map, making it a great update to Rainbow Six Siege after three years with no new maps.