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Test Server: Sledge, Zofia & Thatcher see speed reductions to one-speed on attack, Mute, Melusi & Aruni suffer same fates on defense

Ubisoft is going to change the speed and the health of many operators in Y7S4 Operation Solar Raid.

Earlier today, Rainbow Six Siege announced at the Jönköping Major the upcoming changes that will arrive to the game with the release of Operation Solar Raid.

One of the most notable changes shared today is the speed and health changes to some operators. During the Operation Solar Raid full reveal, Ubisoft announced three major changes to Sens, Dokkaebi, and Osa.

However, these aren't the only operators affected by the change. Rainbow Six Siege's meta could be affected by all of these if they hit the live version of the game.

Here is what Ubisoft's Operation Solar Raid panel didn't show about the speed and health changes.

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Speed and health changes with Operation Solar Raid

After the full reveal of Operation Solar Raid, the Test Server went live and allowed us to take a look at further changes to the operators' speed and health values.

Here's the list including all of the operators affected by these changes:


  • Sledge: From two-speed to one-speed
  • Thatcher: From two-speed to one-speed
  • Zofia: From two-speed to one-speed
  • Zero: From two-speed to three-speed


  • Mute: From two-speed to one-speed
  • Echo: From one-speed to two-speed
  • Ela: From three-speed to two-speed
  • Melusi: From three-speed to one-speed
  • Aruni: From two-speed to one-speed

All of these changes could affect the meta heading into the new season, Y7S4 Operation Solar Raid. Zofia being a one-speed makes her very weak as an entry fragger. The same happens with Sledge, who could become highly vulnerable to C4s. Meanwhile, Melusi's drastic change makes her very unviable as a roamer.

Are these changes going to be in the live version of Rainbow Six Siege?

Not all of the changes on the Test Server are transported to the live build. However, if these are in the Test Server, it's very likely we see them soon implemented in the game. 

Ubisoft has proven to listen to the community, so if you don't agree with these changes, you should try them out first on the Test Server just before providing the developers with your feedback. 

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