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Sens, Dokkaebi, and Osa speed and health values changed with Y7S4 Operation Solar Raid

Sens, Dokkaebi, and Osa's speed and health values have been changed.

Banner image: Ubisoft

Today, during the Jönköping Major, Ubisoft fully revealed the upcoming season: Operation Solar Raid. This is going to be Year 7's final season, and will bring Operation Brutal Swarm to an end.

With the reveal of Operation Solar Raid, Ubisoft announced all the features coming to Rainbow Six Siege alongside the upcoming patch. This includes a new operator, Solis, a new map, Nighthaven Labs, and even a new Siege faction, Ghosteyes. 

However, Ubisoft has also announced a set of changes to some of the operators' speed and health characteristics. To know more about these changes, keep on reading.

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Speed and Health changes with Operation Brutal Swarm

As of now, Ubisoft has only decided to change the speed and health values of three operators. Nevertheless, this could just be the beginning of a long list of tweaks.


Previously: One-speed, three-health.

Now: Three-speed, one-health.

Sens is the first operator on the list to have its speed tweaked. Sens has moved from a one-speed to a three-speed, changing also from a three-health to a one-health operator.

According to Ubisoft's announcement, the developers have realized the importance of speed in Sens' gadget. With this change, players will have the option to rush directly to the site using Sens' gadget. This could help the operator to become more important for the attacking side.


Previously: Two-speed, two-health.

Now: Three-speed, one-health.

Dokkaebi's speed has been increased by one point, making her a three-speed operator. This can be considered a buff to the South Korean operator, whose operator ability was recently buffed as well.


Previously: Two-speed, two-health.

Now: One-speed, three-health.

Finally, Osa's speed has been changed from two to just one point. Correspondingly, the operator's health has increased from two to three points. According to Ubisoft, Osa's health has been increased so she is more resistant to throwable explosives aimed at the deployable shields.

The ADS (aim-down sights) movement speed will also change, as now all operators will have an ADS movement speed of a three-speed operator. This makes gun fights more even and less dependent on the speed of the operator.

Is speed important in Rainbow Six Siege?

Well, it depends on the operator's function in the team.

For example, Sledge is a two-speed, two-health operator. His main task is soft destruction, as he usually destroys the floor to apply pressure over the defenders' heads. If Sledge was a one-speed operator, he would be highly exposed to C4s from defenders. Three-speed would be too much and leave him quite unprotected in gunfights.

So, it depends. Speed is important for entry fraggers and roamers such as Ash or Jäger, but not important for operators like Mira or Montagne.

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