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Iana "NieR: Automata" Elite Bundle announced at Jönköping Major

Iana is getting her first Elite Bundle, insipred by the NieR: Automata character 2B.

As part of Rainbow Six Siege's partnership with NieR: Automata, Iana is finally getting her own Elite Bundle! The skin is clearly inspired by NieR: Automata's main character, 2B, who has some ressamblence to the Dutch operator.

Last week, Rainbow Six Siege's Twitter account announced Maverick's new Elite Bundle, which is also part of Siege's collaboration with the NieR world. 

Both Elite Bundles can now be purchased in the Rainbow Six Siege store. Remember that if you purchase the Premium Battle Pass, you will enjoy a 10% discount in all your future purchases during Operation Solar Raid!

Ubisoft also revealed more details about the upcoming season. For more information on these, including the new operator, the new map, and changes to the Ranked game mode, check out our accompanying article.

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Iana Unit Designation NieR: Automata Elite Bundle

Iana's Bundle looks similar to Maverick's, as the Dutch operator's gun skins are also golden. However, that's something that everyone should expect considering they come from the same partnership. 

The Elite Skin will consist of three gun skins for her weapons, an operator card background, a special charm, and a special operator card profile.

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Is Iana good in Siege?

Iana is one of the best operators in Rainbow Six Siege due to her gadget and utility. The Dutch operator can use her two fragmentation grenades to get rid of bulletproof gadgets. On top of that, her holograms can get priceless information for the attacking side. 

Alongside Nokk, who also can bring two fragmentation grenades to the battlefield, Iana is one of the best entry fraggers in the game.

If you are a fan of excitement and you love being involved in gunfights, Iana is an operator that you must master. If you haven't yet, what are you waiting for?

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