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Rainbow Six Siege announces new Maverick bundle in partnership with NieR Replicant

Maverick will get a new Elite Bundle next week.

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A new cosmetics bundle is coming to Rainbow Six Siege! As a result of an incredible partnership, Maverick is getting a new cosmetics bundle -- but it is not an Elite set.

The new cosmetics bundle isn't available yet, but will be next week. Keep on reading for more information on the skin!

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Maverick's NieR Replicant Cosmetics Bundle

Earlier this week, Rainbow Six Siege's Twitter account revealed a partnership with NieR Replicant. As a result, Maverick will get a new cosmetics bundle, inspired by Nier.

In the video, we can see Maverick using his new cosmetics bundle. His bundle is full of hidden details about NieR. On top of that, the exclusive weapon skits look incredible, as they are all golden.

If you are a fan of NieR, make sure to get this new cosmetics bundle! It will be available in game next week, on Nov. 21.

Rainbow Six Siege's announcement also teases "more NieR goodness to be continued during the Year 7 Season 4 reveal panel".

Maverick Elite Hotshot Welder

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Maverick has already his very own Elite skin! You can get it right now on the in-game store for 1,800 R6 Credits, or 1,620 if you own the Premium Battle Pass.

Maverick's Hotshot Welder Elite Bundle doesn't need an explanation. Maverick's gadget, the Breaching Torch, allows him to penetrate through reinforced walls. He can also open soft surfaces such as non-reinforced hatches or walls. As he works with metal, he is Rainbow Six Siege's official welder. So the name "Hotshot Welder" fits him perfectly.

Alongside Ace, Hibana, and Thermite, Maverick is one of the four hard breachers in the game. All of them are different, but Maverick brings something different as he can create wholes to surfaces -- which create new shooting angles. Be sneaky with Maverick, and you will win!

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