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Castle Elite set announced at the Berlin Major

Rainbow Six Siege operator Castle will finally have an elite bundle!

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Finally, after years of fans asking, Castle has got his own Elite bundle!

It will be called Point Blank Justice, and it brings players back to Castle's days with the FBI.

If you pay enough attention to the introduction video, you can see it is set on Clubhouse, a map located in Germany. Curiously enough, according to Castle's Ubisoft biography, he trained with the German Federal Police (GSG 9) when he was transfered to the FBI. The more you know.

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Rainbow Six Siege Castle Elite Bundle

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Castle's Elite Bundle Point Blank Justice is finally here. Castle's Elite is a skin many players had been asking for, as he's one of the only four black operators in the game -- including Sens, Capitao, and Clash.

Just like all the rest of Elite bundles in the game, Castle's Elite Bundle will include unique skins for all of his weapons, a special uniform, a special charm, and an elite operator card background.

Is Castle good in Siege?

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Castle is really good in Siege. However, Casual players don't like to use Castle that much. First, his unique ability isn't fun to play. You just place the Armor Panels and leave. Secondly, his gun loadout isn't popular, as the UMP45 is rather known for being one of the worst in the game.

On top of that, his gadgets are boring as well, as he can bring two proximity alarms or a bulletproof camera.

However, sometimes boring is the way to succeed. A boring defense means the attackers didn't get to site.

Castle's Armor Panels are an important gadget for defenders, as it slow down attackers, forcing them to waste explosive utility to destroy them. Despite Castle's infamy in Casual, his importance in Ranked and professional games is significant.

So, yeah, Castle is good -- very good -- in Rainbow Six Siege.

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