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Rainbow Six Siege announces new operator Grim

Grim will be Operation Brutal Swarm's operator!

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Rainbow Six Siege has announced today the name of the game's upcoming operator. Straight from Singapore, Grim is set to join his new teammates with the release of Operation Brutal Swarm.

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Rainbow Six Siege's new operator to be called Grim

Grim is a Singaporean operator who seems to be specialized in insects. It's difficult to predict how the gadget is going to work, but it seems like it will release some kind of robotic bees. It's still unclear what these insects will do, but it could be anything from poisoning the defender to stunning it or even detecting it.

At the end of Rainbow Six Siege's promotional video of Grim, we can see the operator in front of Team Nighthaven's logo, which leads us to think that he will be part of Kali's team.

What's the name of Rainbow Six Siege's new operation?

Rainbow Six Siege's upcoming operation will be called Operation Brutal Swarm. Grim will be released in it, including a new "competitive" map.

According to Ubisoft, we are talking of a map that players "have already played before", and that "was part of an event."

Alongside the release of Operation Brutal Swarm, we will also see the release of EMP grenades, as Thatcher's ability has been adapted so a great variety of operators could have access to them. We should also see changes coming to a great number of weapons, including the LMGs.

When can I play Grim?

Grim will be playable with the release of Operation Brutal Swarm. However, all players will be able to try it out when the Test Server opens, which should be the day after the Berlin Major concludes.

Usually, the upcoming operations start two weeks after the conclusion of the Major, so we expect Operation Brutal Swarm to be launch someday throughout the first week of September.

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