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Rainbow Six Siege releases Y7S3 tease

Are you ready for the next Operation?

Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Vector Glare is coming to an end, which also means a new era is upon us.

Today, the first Y7S3 tease has been released -- and NIGHTHAVEN is in the spotlight. What's happening inside Team Rainbow? 

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Rainbow Six Siege's new operation tease

Operation Vector Glare focuses on the lore linked to Team Rainbow and Team Wolfguard, and it seems that the upcoming operation will mainly be about Team Nighthaven.

In the video, we can see some of the gadgets operators use in Rainbow Six Siege. It includes Aruni's robotic arm, Ela's mines, Wamai's disks, and even Smoke's canisters. 

NIGHTHAVEN is built by many Team Rainbow members, including Kali, Finka, Aruni, Ela, IQ, Ace, Osa, Jäger, Pulse, Wamai, Smoke... and someone else.

That "someone else" is the Y7S3 operator. You can easily recognize all the gadgets that appear in the video, but not the green gun on the left. That's very likely to be the new operator's gadget. 

The upcoming operation will be revealed in the final stages of the Berlin Major, so keep coming here for more updates on both the tournament and future Siege announcements!


Team Nighthaven is a Private Military Company that broke away from working with Team Rainbow, and is led by Kali.

Team Rainbow and NIGHTHAVEN are at odds with each other, and recently the Polish operator Ela joined Nighthaven. That part of the lore is explained in Zofia and Ela's short movie.

There's more information about NIGHTHAVEN on Harry's wall. You can find notes about the Nighthaven operators written by Harry, Team Rainbow's director, at the bottom right part of the wall. There you can read about some of the operators, their reasons behind joining NIGHTHAVEN, and more. 

The Y7S3 map, based in Singapore, is also set to be inside the NIGHTHAVEN headquarters and will likely come with some interesting new lore about the PMC.

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