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R6 Siege new season release date, operator, and map

Here is what we know about Year 7 Season 3 so far.

R6 Siege new season release date

After a short delay, Operation Vector Glare is underway. Year 7 Season 2 has had mixed results, with players a bit disappointed with Sens and underwhelmed with the new Shooting Range mode

It's no surprise that Rainbow Six Siege players are already wondering about Year 7 Season 3. When will it be released and what does it include? 

When is Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 3? 

According to the Year 7 roadmap, the new season should be coming out around September of 2022. 

What is coming in Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 3?

Not much is known about Year 7 Season 3 so far, including its name. It will have an event and an arcade mode, although we are not sure what these will be just yet. The reputation system will also be in its second phase. 

There was also going to be a new competitive map but developers have revealed it's going to be delayed. It will now be released in Season 4. 

"This will give [Singapore] more time and more love to make it bigger and bolder than any map you've seen before in Rainbow Six Siege," Creative Director Alexander Karpazis said. 

Will there be a new operator in Year 7 Season 3? 

Ubisoft has not officially revealed the next operator just yet. There have been leaks, however, pointing to an operator from Singapore named Grim. 

Grim is still a mystery (and just a rumor for now) but leaks have suggested that he will be a defender that stays back and protects areas with a swarm of nanobots. 

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