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Operation Vector Glare is finally coming to Rainbow Six Siege

Here is when to finally play Y7S2.

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Rainbow Six Siege fans can breathe a sigh of relief: Operation Vector Glare is finally on its way.

Developers at Ubisoft informed Rainbow Six Siege players that the new season would be delayed after noticing some glaring issues on the Test Server. The news was met with frustration from the playerbase, many of them expressing concern with the lack of information regarding the delay.

But now, the official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account has provided some answers.

When is Operation Vector Glare getting released?

According to a recent tweet, Y7S2 will be coming June 14, bringing with it a new operator, Team Deathmatch map, and the underwhelming Shooting Range.

Players are excited to finally get their hands on Sens, a kind operator who will help teams push forward with their R.O.U. Projector System. The non-binary operator is here just in time for Pride Month, which the community has been celebrating with fan art.

Some players are definitely still salty about the delay, however, causing some to support the developers. One fan said: "Everyone complaining about the pushback should be grateful that they actually took the time to address a problem that could have made the update a terrible experience."

Another replied: "A problem that they didn’t even bother to share with the rest of the community. Sounds like some excuse to me."

Either way, Operation Vector Glare is finally coming.

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