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Is Operation Vector Glare still coming to Rainbow Six Siege?

Developers have said there is a delay.

Rainbow Six Siege players have been anxiously awaiting the official launch of Operation Vector Glare. But now it seems that Year 7 Season 2 is being postponed. 

For the past few weeks, Rainbow Six players on PC have been trying out the new season and its content on the Test Server. It seems that the feedback Ubisoft received after these few weeks has caused developers to change their Year 7 timeline. 

"After completing a testing pass, we’ve identified a player experience issue and have decided to postpone the release of Vector Glare in order to address it. We'll share details on the new date as soon as we can," Ubisoft said. 

When is Operation Vector Glare coming out?

So far, Rainbow Six Siege developers have not revealed a new release date for Year 7 Season 2. It will most likely be announced in the near future and we will have the answers! 

Ubisoft has also not explained what was wrong with Vector Glare. Some players are frustrated with developers for going off course without explanation while others have acknowledged that releasing a season is more complex than players may realize.